3rd-4th October 2020 Japshow Finale Santa Pod

Santa Pod Raceway
Airfield Road
NN29 7XA

One of the last club car shows of the season.
A well attended show with plenty to see and do.

For anyone feeling brave enough, you also have the opportunity to take your car down the strip.
You will find plenty of posts on the forum to compare your 1/4 mile times to.

Check out all the details here.


As we explain every year the club has to purchase 10 tickets to secure us a car club stand.
Each club selects a stand position when 10 tickets are paid for.
Hopefully we can secure a decent stand position, and want to avoid being on the grass!

To do this we need members to post up here that they are interested, and if they are wanting a weekend camping ticket or just a Sunday day ticket.
As long as we know there is enough interest club funds can be used to purchase tickets to secure members a club stand to display their cars on.

Ticket costs are here, and under 13’s are free.

All tickets also have a booking fee of £2

Be careful on the way to and from the event guys speed cameras and police presence.
Usually not too bad at this event, but constant complaints from local residents sometimes makes the police presence larger.

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If interested please add your name to the list

  1. Jensen
  2. Stevie & Tracie

Jack and twins

1 Jensen
2 Stevie & Tracie
3 Robbie + 1
4 jack + twins

I’ll be there.
Camping on saturday night, as usual.

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1 Jensen
2 Stevie & Tracie
3 Robbie + 1
4 jack + twins
5 Marty camping

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hi there
if this is still on
me and angie will come
checking the web site its now 2 shows in one
thanks steve

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only need a minimum of 5 car for a club stand now

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I would have been well up for this as my first show but I’m on Croatia on this dates :cry:

We would hope so Steve.
Will confirm tomorrow.


Ill have a ticket, full weekend ticket

Hopefully have a csr by then

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Santa pod are saying they are holding events again.
They are rescheduling and removing some that are not allowed,(like USC).
We may be able to attend some?
Be really good to do something this year!

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Agreed! I’m in for any we can do this year

Is there an inclusive plan for non binary poeple and poc, are we sure there wont be any clappjng as some find it triggering

I am joking

Such is the world we live in

Email confirms Santa pod is starting shows as of the end of this month.


Perhaps we could look at doing a couple of events at Santa Pod?
Be a shame to do nothing at all this year, if events are actually taking place, just not ones we would normally attend.
Also with camping now allowed, pubs open and doing food, and restrictions in general being reduced, maybe we could do an event similar to Birthday Bash, just later on?
Just a thought.

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If events are on and members want to attend then I see no reason why not to attend either.
I expect some people will pay no attention to the 2 meters rule though and any member going needs to realise that.
As a club we can’t be responsible for other people’s actions.
I would hope that within our club we can respect each other’s decision whether to keep their distance from others.
If members are happy to go then hopefully we can sort some meets :grin:
We will have a conversation and get back to everyone.


I would never expect the club to be responsible for the actions of others.
Yes, we need to respect the rules, and yes, any event we go to is going to feel a bit different, but we need to get out there, if its possible.


JapShow Lite is on Sunday 16th August. Are the club doing anything for this?