4 standard 17 inch mk1 alloys

only one tyre is good rest is shot, average condition can get pics if required.

before they go on ebay for whatever price, lemme know what u can offer. they at bens at the moment.

no penny offers pls lollll

1 tornado tyre on limit or just above
1 avon needs new tyre
bridgestone potenza near limit
dunlop sp sport maxx good thread.

all are 235 45 17.

Don’t take this a gospel but according to my son he says my old set of standard gto alloy’s would
weigh in as scrap at between £20 to £30 each but the tyres would have to be removed… I’ve
kept mine as if ever I did sell one of my gto’s and like always someone want’s to offer you less
then I would consider saying yes if the price was close but only with it’s standard wheels and not
the alloys I have on them now… just a though as it may be worth keeping them… Usually if some
one is after buying a gto it’s because it’s the car they want and will worry about better looking
wheels later.

Could be worth weighing one and phoning a braker to see if my son is correct :? :wink:

Alloys £5 each at weigh in with tyres on, or weight at £1600/tonne without tyres. Bet they are only 10Ks or so each.