£495.00 all mods declared

Maybe it’s an age and location thing

40 yrs old NR postcode, all mods, 10K miles

Including Propane :lol:

Advert in the back of J Tuner

Keith Michaels Insurance PLC

Speak to Jeremy Pocock 0208 642 7868

They seem to know what they are talking about

One important factor here is age (25 +) and some experience in a performance car, if you have either of these then give these people a call, I’ll be suprised if you can beat them on price.

Mention GTO UK, I said at this price it would generate some interest :lol:


I`ve been with them since I owned my GTO, been telling people but at last someone else has seen the light :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you have got a good deal, I think I pay about £530 with all mods declared,£2000 ICE, £1600 wheels and 450bhp…so far they have been the best broker I have ever used.

Its because you two live out in the wilderness :lol:

Way dearer than Liverpool Victoria for the like of me here in the bright lights


Well I got my renewal notice through today, £770 from Direct Line :frowning:

I’m 34 and got 5 years NCD now, so I should be able to do better than that.

Think I will be ringing around next week, this one will be first in my list :slight_smile:


Edit: Just read it again it’s £565, £770 is with NDC Protection and Green Flag Rescue :slight_smile: But I not told them about all mods, so I better do that.

One thing he said (jokingly) if you live in Leeds…

MOVE :lol: