5 man tent

hey all i got a 5 man tent here that i no longer need, just bought it for a weekend away. its quite a good one cost me £100 from go outdoors and it was meant to be £170 so a good bargain i thought.

there are 2 problems with it, its not in a bag, but i have the bag, im just useless at putting it back in it lol and secondly on one of the corners where you peg the tent down there is a rip - but as its a dual skin one, no water gets in. there is also a partition that can be put up too make it into 2 living areas, however it is very see through lol.

heres a link to it

not after any money for it just free to someone

I Could be up for this, will have a word with the misses and let you know!


ok mate, thats cool

If saj doesnt end up having this i’ll take it bud, been after one for shows this year!! will offer some beer tokens though

All yours Rossi,

She’s got her heart set on another she’s seen.


oh right cool!! i’ll take it then chris

sounds good mate, glad i can clear some space lol

are you going to japfest this year chris? if so i could get it off you then failing that where abouts in oxford are you?

All yours Rossi,

She’s got her heart set on another she’s seen.


when is japfest mate? if not im like 3 miles away from the a34 so im easily accessible in a place called cumnor

Japfest is the 12th may

i more than likely wont be going then im afraid

are you likely to be around on the friday 11th? im in the area that day aswell

yes i will be around mate

Excellent, well if you pm me your address and a contact number and i’ll let you know when im heading over