5 Pistons and Rods from twin turbo

as title, 5 standard rods and pistons from a 96 twin turbo 4 bolt engine

£40 delivered


Did you lose 1?? :fearful:


'kin 'ell Ben, you’re really trawling the oldies aren’t you :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Terry :sunglasses:

Hey I was intrigued by some of the posts n kept reading… next thing I know I’m commenting on a few posts from years ago haha

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i think it was from an engine that bought, i dont recall why 1 was missing


It had probably been fitted by Route 66 PMSL :wink:

Craig :smile:

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LOL :slight_smile:

I think it was from the engine that i bought from Kent, Big Tone i think was guys the username.


I have 6 spare, so we could make a 10 cylinder engine.

Ah the MR that had the Hybrid diff …

ye i think so Rob, it was maionly gone when i got there. the engine was toast, i wanted the heads mainly as they were virgin