5 speed transfer box

I have the transfer box from my 1996 3000GT for sale if anyone is interested?? It was only removed due to my 5 speed box playing up and me upgrading to a 6 speed. I will check the number of splines on it later and post some pics once I’ve cleaned it up.

Looking to get £100 for it and I can deliver if and when passing at work.


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Any offers?? If not it’s going on eBay or in the back of my Mazda when I weigh it in :slight_smile:

Hi Staff,

Taking mine out of the NA (92, Man 5 speed) tonight, depending on the amount of splines, do you know if I could replace with this one?



As far as I know, they are the same. I know the TT and NA gearbox are different but I think the transfer box is interchangeable. I’ll find out for sure and let you know.


Appreciate it!

Drop me a quick text if you get an answer :slight_smile:




Ah, apparently they’re not the same. Sorry fella. It would have been quite a trek to Kent anyway :frowning:

Ahh, Wasn’t too sure as didn’t know if there were any ratio’d gears etc in there!

Thanks for checking up anyway! :slight_smile:

Now on eBay…

[quote]Now on eBay…


This ends tomorrow and still on 99p!! A good few watchers though…

Is the transfer box still available?

As the original post was 2011 I’m guessing not :rofl:

Will lock this now

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