91 GTO TT Air Flow Sensor wanted

Hi all,

My Air flow sensor from my 91 GTO TT has packed up, giving me error codes for it. Checked the ECU and looks fine, nothing blown so wondering if anyone has one for sale.


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Just spotted this post. I think your best option is to try a breakers yard - if you’re certain it’s the MAF.

There may be one or two of the various sites such as eBay and or facebay- as with all secondhand units there’s no guarantee they will work etc…

Good luck.


Sorted one now, had a few people insisting it was the ECU, but trying to find the specific MAF was like trying to find a needle in a haystack in a coalmine. New MAF installed, car now runs and drives like a dream again


Excellent- glad it’s all happy now :+1:

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