92 Mk 1 GTO Twin Turbo Engine and Clutch

Taken from a GTO MK 1 Twin Turbo. I was going to keep as a spare and refurb it but not all compatible with my 97 GT TT. I have replaced the front cam cover with one i had previously refurbed for spare but i have put on this with new gaskets. There was a little rust around the seam on the sump so it has been sanded back and a good quality rust converter applied ready for painting. The engine turned over when it was in the car recently but had been standing for a while. Coolant flushed through when taken out so all clear inside. I have also left the clutch on which looks like it has very little wear. The harmonic balancer will need to be replaced.
£1,200 pick up from Watford

I also have the turbos and plenum etc to go with it but this is just the basic engine.

Hi. I don’t suppose you still have this ?


Nobody wanted it so I took it apart and rebuilt it and will be keeping it, sorry. Was there a particular part you wanted?

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Thats looking nice.

I had a forged engine built by Eurospec in their end days, lasted about 3 months.

I’ve pulled it apart and had it checked, bent Crank and all kinds of issues.

I was looking for a Mk2 forged crank. I’m half considering the stroker crank, but my faith has been a little shattered after spending so much on it last time, only for it eat itself so suddenly.

Cheers anyhow.


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@ptslimited in case your not aware you can buy a brand new mk2 forged crank direct from Mitsubishi- it’s not cheap but you can then use the standard bearings etc…

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