99 headlights for sale **SOLD

99 headlights for sale

Not in the best of conditions but there is worse ! The crack is on the inside of the plastic not on the outside and does not let any moisture in.




Hi Reece @reece.cambridge would recommend you put a price on these - as this avoids people offending you if they offer too low a price etc… also IMO would be worth adding the indicators if you have them :+1:

Wasn’t too sure what to put them up for thats why I said offers. Haven’t got the indicators unfortunately

I’ll say £550 or nearest offer

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Would like these gone ideally so that I can buy other bits for my restoration


Would these fit on a mk 2 1997?

They will but the shape is slightly different so you will have a gap on one of the corners between the light and the bumper.


I thought they were exactly the same size as there were glass 99 headlights as well ? I may be wrong

@GSXRKID can you shed some light?

From what I can gather, 99 headlights will only fit a MK4 or a 99 front bumper. They can’t be used on a MK2, but MK2 headlights can be fitted on a 99 and will have a slight gap

James is correct In what he says , a lot of it comes down to the separate indicators for the 99 lights

Fitting mk2 lights on a 99 front bumper leaves a gap due to the profile of the lights and indicators , not sure how it affects it the other way around

If anyone wants to buy these that would be lovely because then I can throw another £500 at my MK1 project which is like a black hole taking all my money :joy:


Sold, admin please close