A Bouncing Bump

Well Claire and I went for a scan yesterday to confirm that she is 12 weeks pregnant and that everything is healthy and normal!! Everything looks good with our little bump…was sitting with his little hands behind his head and feet up in the air - calm as you like!! Even got to see the bump doing some gymnastics as well!

Due date is the 19th of March just now…so looking forward to it!! I will try and get a copy of the scan posted up as soon as possible.


congrats :smiley:

Awesome news guys !!!

it is the greatest ever… wishing you all the best with the little one.

Elton & Emma

Congratulations from Diane & myself :smiley: :smiley:


congrats andy :party: hope you can handle the outcome and mayhem :lol:
need to start saving for that recaro baby seat now :wink:


Congratulations… I thought you were a bit too quiet of late. :lol: Enjoyed your write up in the newsletter too…




congratulations both of you,
did we have some power cuts 3 months ago,
my next door neighbour told us the other day she,s 3 months pregnant,
my best mate told me 2 days ago his wifes 3 months pregnant,
wow its a baby boom,
nice one.

Congratulations to you both


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Claire has been convinced it would be a boy…went for our second scan earlier this week. Turns out we are going to have a daughter!! Everything is looking good and normal. And last night got to feel her kick for the first time - been doing it to mummy for weeks now but I’ve not been able to feel it til then!

Glad all is well. :smiley:

Mark. :slight_smile:

congrates to you both!


Congratulations :wink: