A little advise needed. Any Police advise also welcome

I need a bit of advise.

My brother was stopped for speeding ( in his view fair enough ). He has been driving for 4 or 5 years now and has always had full insurance in his name on all his vehicles. In this case he was driving his girlfriends car and as a result the police are also trying to charge him for driving without insurance. I know his girlfriend and I know she also has fully comp policy on the vehicle. The question is as he was driving her car with her permission would he not be covered on her policy as I thought most insurance policies automatically covered othere drivers TPTF as long as the vehicle is driven with the owners permission.

As a result they are trying to give him the 3 points for speeding which he has admitted to and a further 6 for driving without insurance.

Any advise welcome.

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Does your Brother have a current policy on his own car?

If so, then I’m sure he is ok, he will be covered 3rd party on his insurance policy.

I am pretty sure he does yes. Last time I spoke to him he was driving one of the ‘hot’ fiesta type models and definately had a fully comp policy in force. He is 25 and I thought the business of other vehicle exclusions was typically only in force for drivers under 25. I am trying to get him to send me his and his girlfriends policy info so I can check it out for him.

Thanks for the info

His own Full Comprehensive policy will cover him to drive another car not belonging to him under TPFT conditions only, so long as he wasnt using the car for business, rally or hire and reward purposes.

So, as long as he has a policy in his own name hes covered


many insurance companies are now removing the “drive other vehicles third party” from their policies due to the amount of people abusing it - IE insuring low performance/cost cars and then borrowing high performance cars.

he needs to check his policy wording, he could well be fukked.

IF it is on his policy lots of insurers are shying away from Third Party on others vehicles at the mo :frowning:

Most of the time an insurance policy will cover you to drive someone else car third party. It does not need to be a comprehensive policy to do this. And also the other car doesn’t need to be insured. There are normally restrictions to do with age and sport cars are excluded.

But to be sure you should check the insurance policy it will state it on it.


Out of interest, how did the police know that he wasn’t insured? Did he show them his own insurance documents (I ask this for a reason) or did they just do a database search on her reg. no and find out that he wasn’t on her policy?

Generally speaking, if he’s 25+, not a novice driver and has no association with the motor trade then he could have the driving other cars (DOC) benefits on his policy. As others have posted though, this can all depend on what insurer he is with as this is slowly being phased out. The only way to know for sure is to check his certificate or ask his insurer / broker.


Just received this from my brother.

[quote]I have checked with my insurance and they said that although their policy does cover someone of the age of 25 and above to drive third party in another vehicle, because I was 24 when I took out the policy it would not come into effect until my next renewal…

I have however logged a complaint as I was told when I phoned to renew that when I was 25 a) my excess would lower and b) be allowed to drive third party on other vehicles.
they are now checking to see if they have a copy of the conversation and will get back to me within 48 hrs as I may be able to get them for mis selling a policy even if it was a mutual mis understanding as I took that as being part way through my policy.

I will keep you informed any way. I don’t think that I will get the extra points because it was a genuine mistake and I am fully comp on my car, and Allie is fully comp on hers and was in the car with me. If I knew then we would have either gone out in my car or she would have drove.

Not sure if anyone has any views on this…

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Hi Damien,

Re your Brother … It is irelavent that they both have comprehensive
insurance and also that his girlfriend was with him in the car (unless
she was ever disputing that he had her permission to drive !)
He was driving and therefore he has to provide eveidence of cover,
which could be in one of two ways…

a) He was a named driver on his girlfriends insurance (seems not the
case here)

b) His own insurance MAY cover him 3rd party only (not fire and theft
cover) if he was driving with the CAR OWNERS permission.

BUT as has been stated previously, MANY INSURERS are beginning to
withdraw the “drive any car with owners permission” on renewal…( It is
important that people read all the endorsements that come with the renewal
documents … as some will find that this has been excluded !!!)

IF he has the dispute about being age 25 etc … I would recommend
that he / you read the policy schedule wording carefully, normally it will
give a clear age ie…under 25 AND DOES NOT refer to “next renewal
after the age of 25”

But as I am sure you are aware, there are many insurance companies, and
they all have different wording so I cannot be precise.

As for the policr letting him off because it was a genuine mistake …
well I have to pass that over to maybe another member to comment …
Whatever… good luck with the outcome


personally i think its stupid im 23 and pay £1600 for full insurance on a 3l group 20 car yet i cant drive my mums little diesel around what a load of … if the car you own is a higher group then i cant think why you shouldn’t be-able to drive anything lower if your covered for a high powered sports car why not a small car??

Sonic, hi… It doesn’t matter what you think … Insurance is a legally binding contract … and you have to obey what what the terms and conditions of the contract (your policy are) sometimes it may not seem fair from your view point… but terms and conditions of policies are clealy laid out … and if you deall with a reputal company / broker … all your questions should be clearly answered.

Funnily enough, Alex’s first insurance, for which he has paid £1800 has the third party clause for other vehicles and no age limit, so he thinks I’m going to let him drive the GTO. Wife has fine tooth combed it and it is so.

Surely this is so dam simple to answer?

Get your brother to read his insurance policy, then read his girlfriends insurance policy. It’s all there in black and white. If your insured you have nothing to fear if not you’re banged to rights, it really is that simple.

Why all the debate?


for some reason quinn include DOC extension for every policy holder that incepted their policy on a full license. Just encase anyone is looking for this (age no relevance). I know a lot of younger drivers are.

only problem is they don’t do imports as a general rule.
They do mods however.

In answer to the original question If your brother has been advised on a recorded call that he will get this then threaten everything (FSA and the like) if they do not honour it.
All insurance companies and brokers MUST now be regulated and whether they like it or not if one of their “ADVISORS” has “ADVISED” a client of something they must honour it, whether it costs them a fortune or nothing.

Threaten to take it to the FSA if they do not succumb, as each investigation will cost IRO £500, companies will always fold when you mentioned those 3 letters… :smiley:

Dave :smiley:

[quote]for some reason quinn …
only problem is they don’t do imports as a general rule.

If that’s Quinn Direct Dave they do actually do imports, probably not on initially joining them but certainly if you’re already a customer. Brother is with them and just changed his policy over to an R33 GTS-T Skyline (little bugger is only 20 odd too!!!)


It should say on the policy document what the exclusions are on his policy …
I always ask when taking out insurance that i will be able to drive other cars on my policy and if not i go elsewhere…
I cant understand that they told your bro that he would have to wait for renewal of his policy to take advantage of the 3rd party cover unless ive mis-read and he asked for it partway through an existing policy ??
I dunno … Advise is… ask questions when taking insurance out , even if the question seems stupid !!

Re Quinn, Alex is with them on his Clio and he is only 17 so technically could drive the GTO. He uses the clause to drive my (his) Glanza V. Like I say, my missus used to work in insurance and verified that Quinn state no age limit, unlike others.

Samb your right, they do imports, but not intentially (notice i say as a general rule)

Always getting people say they’re insured on an fto etc etc with them…

spoken to tens of people who have called up to change their car to another jap imported car. Whilst in discussion with the advisor they are told “we do not do imports”. Funny really seeing as cars such as the fto are only ever a Jap import. Would like to meet the person who makes the rules for them :D:D
(No wonder Quinn have gone bust 3 times already) :lol: