A-Plan - good quote, great service

Just had to renew the insurance (fully comp, plus Class 1 business) on my Mk1 GTO TT, the only real mods being air filter and exhaust.

Adrian Flux (previous insurance) - £1288.00
Footman James (when they finally answered) - £1459.50


A-Plan - £995.00 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

All the same cover as the above quotes, with the exception of the breakdown cover (only £65 extra, so I’ve had that now too), although A-Plan included Protected NCB, which the others didn’t.

Not only am I pretty chuffed with the quote, their speed of service is excellent. The call to sort out the main insurance took under 10mins, and the one to sort out the breakdown cover was 1min 11secs!! :shock:

I took note of the times, as Footman James took over 10mins just to pick the phone up! :evil:

Well done, A-Plan…top stuff!

How old are you though mate?

I think age is a defining aspect of insurance and the points on licence ting!

D’OH!!! Forget one of the most important things, why don’t I?!?! :roll:

I’m 29, no points, 8 years NC.

Try Privelege for an online quote. They were the cheapest for me at about £700 FC, 5yrs NCD, 6 points at 26yo.


[quote]Try Privelege for an online quote. They were the cheapest for me at about £700 FC, 5yrs NCD, 6 points at 26yo.


yes they were the cheepest for me too £600 FC in our lasses name with me as a named driver 5y NCD 3 points for me non for julie im 35 and julie is 33
but when i told norwich union direct they matched it for me :smiley:

Have to agree with Phil,

I’m 35 9 points and 5yrs ncd Nowich Union were only £670 fully comp with class b business use.

A-Plan came up tops for me too. 25, 3 pts, full NCD = £1000

I keep calling with mods, and keep getting told “no problem - no extra charge” :smiley:


Definatly be giving these guys a yell when it’s renewal time. Thanks for sharing.



Just to let you know I have been with A plan for two years, they have been a good service and I have had good quotes, also they are very good at, going out of their way to get good renewal quotes (without having to moan).


gave them a try today, came out with a rather good quote, £998 fully comp!! 23 with 4 years no claims, no points, no mods declared. asked them for a price for a car with mods good for 400 bhp, and came out about £1400, which is £200 cheaper than i paid last year on a standard car!!


Time for the insurance again… where did that last year go!

Anyway - my details are 28 year old, 9yrs NCD, no accidents / claims / convictions, no mods to the car

1994 GTO NA

All fully comp with protected no-claims, RM5 postcode

Insurance quote from Footman James - £1250 (current insurer) / 500xs

Insurance quote from A-Plan - £685 / 350xs

Called Footman, (mainly to laugh) they could get their quote down to £913 (why they wanted to charge £300 more on the renewal I darent ask).

Suggested that I take out with A-plan !

Well, I`m happy - about £750 cheaper than last year :slight_smile:

Yep must admit a-plan were the nuts for me-27,usual mods(boost controller,strut braces,filter,bov)declared.3 points 6 yr no claims for £780 fully comp and protected :o consideering my renewal from adrian flux was 1300

A number of us seem to have our insurance through A-plan… On that note - would it be worth a committee member contacting them to see if they could offer a club discount or something in exchange for even more custom??

Just an idea???


I wanted to go with A-plan - branch literally half mile from me, heard a lot of good things… but they won’t insure under 23’s. Bugger.

So it had to be Adrian Flux for me… :?

I found the best deal for me with aquote.co.uk 35 male full no claims £377 fully comp…no tracking device or immobiliser needed which was the reason I left direct line!..No ncb protection included tho :?