A-Plan Insurance

A-plan got my business this year as they knocked £77.88 off my renewal

Which is pretty impressive with the extras on my vehicle.

Now what shall i spend the savings on :twisted:

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I have one of my cars with Aplan, had someone run into the back of me last year, they were really good to deal with. :smiley: They also matched the price of Sky for my GTO this year, although I stayed with sky for hastle sake.


A-plan seem to consistently give me good quotes for both my cars

Unfortunately there was not a suitable policy for both of them - soon as you modify them, they seem to frown a bit!

Still good quotes and didnt sting me for all the mods !


I have just renewed mine, 1995 3000GT 2 drivers full comp protected ncb
through the post office on line, insurance company aviva £245.60 :shock: A plan wanted £298. 20p which was still ■■■■■■ good, paid £365 last year with swinton, they wanted £465 this year, so thats why I went to moneysupermarket.com & yipee :smiley:

i got £2300 500exess on a gto sr manual n/a
23 with no no-claims / adriun flux some wanted 5 6.000



You must be dead chuffed with your motor, that’s 3 posts you’ve put the pics in now :lol:

dont think he knows how to stop it doing that :roll:

:lol: :lol: :roll:

Peosonally I wouldn’t touch A-Plan (Allen & Allen) with a large bargepole.

Why’s that



Why’s that


I expect he upset them or something wasn’t right :smiley:

[quote]i got £2300 500exess on a gto sr manual n/a
23 with no no-claims / adriun flux some wanted 5 6.00[/quote]

hey mate. same boat as me!

call 2gether insurance and ask for Gary 01945 465 508

i got insured on my TT 600 a year for 22 and no ncb. only 1500 miles allowed though but thats fully covered and 350 excess.

Just say your having problems insuring this car and youve owned other high power cars before but got decent deals and you was told that you can do me a very good deal!

good luck :slight_smile: if you get a deal like me youll save near 1700 a year and thats a whole lot off goodies for it :slight_smile:

shame when he goes against a tt :slight_smile:

Has anyone got the number for Aplan :roll:



[quote]Has anyone got the number for Aplan :roll:



01635 874 646

Thatcham branch does the specialist performance cars



Why’s that


Sorry I didn’t reply earlier.

They have pissed both myself and Son about wholesale. They ignore all letters written to them and even the threat of legal action brings not a single word from them.

I have used A-Plan for about last 10 years on my old FTO’s and when I first bought the GTO.

They were excellent to deal with and never had any probs.

Unfortunately this year they bumped up the premiums by £80, so I went with Sky as they were just over £200 cheaper!. I asked A-Plan to match (which they were usually pretty good at, but unfortunately they couldnt this time round).

JULIAN - I will post up the phone numbers, contact details for you later this eve when I get home mate.

(Will also post up my details, NCB, premium, excess etc. when I check the paperwork).