:( ... Aaah - I have to sell my GTO - BREAKING FOR PARTS

Tragically I’m forced to break my GTO (Z16A) 94 model import - TT.

It is currently stripped and the shell is trackday ready with minimal interior, battery conversion and evo sport seats including corbeau seat frames.
I got the engine out and had it stripped ready for a full rebuild but now I have lost my job (Solar).

Really need to sell the parts quickly to generate some cash while I work out what to do.

All the parts are available and very few are damaged. They are of course mostly worn although I do have new and un-used waterpump, cambelt KIT, 3mm lifters, Oil Pump (Paid for but Evil Rob still has it).
Gearbox is in good condition and recently serviced.
This is the moon-roof shell also with all the parts functional excluding the active area which I disabled ages ago.

I would like to see the chassis go as one because I don’t want to be the one who decides that to scrap :cry:
I can deliver any of the larger parts for about £80 depending on the distance.

If anyone wants the engine block properly re-built as I was going to do then I would recommend sending it to the same place I was going to. Hamlins in Bridgwater, they will collect it for free and they are over 100 years old - they seriously know there stuff about engineering.

Any takers please let me know and PM me with an offer.

Can’t help with any purchases but that’s crap news fella and feel your pain , was out of work for 6 months myself .

Good luck with the sales and hope the parts go as quick and painless as possible for you

Craig :slight_smile:


Again sorry to hear that, good luck with the sale,
If you get a chance list the Indevidual parts and prices on here, often find that generates interest

Where are you based is it Bridgwater?


Hi Neil,

I’m based in Taunton but only just down the road from Bridgwater.

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Terrible news - think its heart breaking when personal circumstances dictate what you are able to do :frowning:

Hope the sale of parts go well - have you any pics of the seats (or just the rails if you want to split them) as that is unfortunately the only parts I would be interested in



Hi Paul,

Yeah… Governments cut all the subsidies for solar and given them to the oil industry instead, They have even initiated a ‘Buddy’ (It’s actually called that! ) system so that companies get a personal buddy to help them work with government… sickens me.

Oh well… :wink:

I don’t think it makes sense to split the rails from the seats as they are custom build rails cost £400 from Corbeau. Seats cost £400 . They are MUCH lighter than standard. I don’t remember the figure now but its a lot. And thats the biggest problem with the GTO - it’s too fat!

I think £500 is fair for the set - a bargain actually. They are smart, I will get some picture at the weekend and post them.

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Is it a five or six speed box as markgtojag over on ■■ is after one.

Tried to call you earlier

Give me a call

Cheers Rob

Cheers Rob
@Skyraker - it’s a six speed. Check

Starter Motor - starting bid £58 including postage.


6 speed gearbox fully functional and ready to go. Can deliver for £80.
For sale on Ebay

I will sell it to the forum with a bonus inclusion of the transfer box for £1500 + delivery.

Do you mean £150? Or is that transfer box something special?

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To Clarify - I will include the Transfer Box with the Gearbox for the same price to members. Otherwise selling separately.
Of course the Transfer box IS special in that you cannot get them.

@GSXRKID Hi Rob - Can you remember which Clutch I bought from you?

Tristan You have PM

Pics of the rear lights - asking £85 plus delivery.

Please see images for the headlights on gumtree.

I’m looking for around £180 plus delivery - but feel free to make offers please.

Front Indicators
Asking £60 (Plus delivery)
As always make an offer!


The saga continues… Clutch hydraulics from bulkhead outwards OEM plus Goodrich stainless hose, all assembled and ready to go - master cylinder is brand new - used only to pickup from the garage last time it was running.
Asking £60 including postage.