Aberdeen convoy to Crail 29th

Okay guys, Crail meeting is on Sunday 29th…don’t know what time, don’t know where we are meeting the other Scottish members yet…Crail is almost hanging off the east coast of fife its so far out there and I would think we are going to take 2-3 hours to get there…if its a lunchtime start, great but maybe its earlier?

How about we meet up in the Asda carpark at Portlethan first and travel down together…we will have to be good for two reasons…a) speed cameras b) my wife is travelling down in the diesel allroad!

When we get to Dundee, we go across the Tay Bridge and head towards St Andrews but then I suggest we cut off towards Largoward and head to Crail from there…so we all need 80p for the bridge and abot £80 for fuel!!!

I guess we just pack up things like food, flasks balaclavas, umbrellas etc…all the things for a nice Scottish day out!

Look forward to seeing you all there… can you all PM your mobiles or contact numbers too, incase we lose someone.



I’m in. But I think 90 mins shoud do it. Dundee is only 40 mins from Portlethen. Trust me…

Mind you, Berwick was only 2 1/2 hours away…

Yeah and I’ve experienced your exhuast fumes at full tilt so I know on a decent road your car can shift…but in Fifeland…heading from St Andrews the horse and carts slow you down considerably…lets leave 2 hours then…i’ll let the wife use sport mode in the allroad to keep up!!!

Waiting for ad087 or Scoob to let us know about start times and where to meet them on the way there?

It’s usually 9 the gates open - best getting there as early as possible - especially if you want to run the strip and to get a good parking spot! I know what speeds you do Andrew…it will be a 5 min trip for you :wink: Hope this info helps you plan the trip down.

Getting there at 9 means leaving at 7 means getting up at 5.30 to wake a stubborn 11 year old at 5.45, 6.00, 6.15 and 6.30…

Shall we try and meet at say 7.30 - 08.00 at Asda, start driving at 8.00 and meet Andy, Scott and the others either just outside Crail or inside…I don’t know the form…can you reserve a space for us in there…if we can get a better idea of how many we will have we can get a good sized area…

What do you have to do, to register for a 1/4 run?


You pay a little extra at the gate and you can run the strip as much as you want. You just que up for it. Best to run it as early as possible to take advantage of cooler morning air and less of a wait to get on. Will park really badly and swing doors open to take up lots of space. Will launch some F-18’s from the aircraft carrier on the back of my car to defend our airspace!

Actually I was going to bring some ironing down with me and use your rear wing!

Thats fine as long as you don’t mark the paintwork!!

Ok guy’s I’m in…
I’m sure the last time I went it took ages dotting around fife…
Do we have to go through St Andrews or is there a short cut…
I may be tempted to use GPS, but that has no consideration of road condtion…
Any chance of fitting a tow bar Andrew?? this way I might get there a bit quicker… :lol: :lol:

I’m up for the day out, so I guess 7.30 it is Mark…

sspeiper are you still meeting friends on the way south???


Thanks Chooch…7.30 - 08.00 was only a suggestion but you’re right the roads once you are into Fife and heading towards St Andrews are slow, I used to drive it every day for a year when I was sweeping my now wife off her feet!!!

I suggest we cut off before St Andrews and go towards Largoward and then head towards Crail that way…some interesting roads actually but they do take time…

I am happy to leave later if you guys want more beauty sleep!!!

Well I do enjoy my sleep…
But it would be good to meet Andy and Scott around 9-9.30…
And I believe that you’ve got to be early to avoid the police… especially if your exhaust is a bit loud and your windows are tinted… :?

What about you Mark, still need your beauty sleep???
Or do you want to go and sweep your wife off her feet with your GTO as early as possible??? :smiley:

I’d rather go early… it’s just a thought not getting so much sleep on a weekend… But it sould be a good day out.


Well…now that the wife is well and truely swept off her feet shes driving back down with us but going to see her mum nearby…im with you on getting there early…my windows are good but my exhaust is loud…lets stick with Asda Portlethan at 07.30 - 08.00…my bladder will need a pit stop after a full 40 minutes drive south!!!

My two pals will meet us at Asda too.
One has already confirmed. Both like to get a nip on too.

Poor Japanese pun, I know.

My pal with the Skyline was down at Crail the day we had our Aberdeen meet, so I can get the inside skinny as to what the roads was like from him, and post any red flags here.

Mentioned it on the other thread - might be good to meet in Anstruther about 9 then roll in as a group. Also put a note on it about food and drink. Any comments are welcome.