Abs sensors mitsu

Hi I have X3 front and sensors one of them got missing plug and had some connectors fitted by me all worked before removed.only removed as I deleted the abs for weight savings.
Good to have as spares as I know new are big buck’s
Make me a very good offer
I can post

Still for sale…

How hard were these to get out Jerry?

To be honest not very hard or maybe I was lucky.
Lots of plusgas and moved them from side to side to ease them out,also helped when I removed them years ago to refurb the wishbones I smeared the hole they go into with copper grease and for me is definitely a must for future remove.


Do these suit tt and n/a?

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They are from a TT not sure if they are the same as na though.

Same sensors used on each dedicated corner on all years and models apart from 1996 onwards when they change the design completely with no brackets used on the cable to hold it in place to save money no doubt

The sensors never usually come out in one piece you was very lucky Jerry