Active Aero

I have for sale my rear active aero , its in Grace silver and in very good condition. Was working fine on car. I know they often get stuck in the up position or won’t come up, i been told this is often not the aero but the module that controls it. On here somewhere is a post on how to service them anyway.
So not sure what money they go for but someone will give me an idea and its not 25 quid!!


So does this mean you have a hoop spoiler Raymond. :lol:

yes! he’s in the hoop spoiler club now how about a piccy then !


Yep in the hoop spoiler club have got a couple of pics but too stoopid to get them um on here sorry!


ray you might aswell sell the so called uprated brakes :slight_smile: not worth much cop after a few corners :slight_smile:

hA HA HA VERY GOOD jASON :slight_smile:

I think i need a huge brake set up now !


£1.50 inc delivery. It’s an offer and it’s not 25 quid.

Mark. :smiley:

Lol Hi Mark how you doing pal? :slight_smile:
Well so far its the only offer i had but can i get back to you on that ? :wink: