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Well i phoned Adrian flux today 04/01/2016, for a quote and they said that my gto was not classed as a classic car, it depended on other things, when asked what other things, the man said" where it was kept and such like", to which i replied “its the car i want insuring not the locked garage its kept in”, he then came out with an outrages quote of £500.00 for 2000 miles and said that they don’t recognize the gto as a classic car. This is for no claims or convictions, 56 years old and limited to 2000 miles and I told him i was a member here. I’m gutted

Worth trying A plan their number should be on the site somewhere , generally its only the modified cars that can be problematic to insure or the young drivers , which we dont have many of think @Steven_Smith is or was the youngest , could always try the company he is insured with

He started a database kind of post so details should be on there

Craig :slightly_smiling:

Cheers Craig mate, just a bit dissapointed with Adrian fluxs efforts, didnt seem bothered and asked me the same question a few times, like he was talking to two people at the same time and he forgot what i told him 5 seconds ago

I’m with equity star the Brookland policy it’s classic insurance on a 92 k tt and think I was 220 have a look under insurance category for number, think @tracie insured the hulk with them too from memory.

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Try Footman James or A Plan, I’m sure my Footman insurance is classic, even if its not classic it’s still cheap despite some mods (lowered etc), they can also agree a specific value (above market value) without charging the earth.


I was with Adrian Flux last year, but they’ve performed poorly for me this time round so it seems I will be leaving. @DAN2 seems to have vanished as well, so I wonder if this club is being let slip.

Footman James have quotes me well but all their policies are limited mileage. Sky have beaten Adrian Flux but are considerably more than Footman James. Going to try A Plan and then pick the best.

I won a voucher for Adrian Flux at the Christmas Party, think they know and are trying to stop me renewing so they don’t miss out.

Hi Karl,

Sorry we weren’t as competitive as you would have liked. If you wanted to PM me your details I would be happy to have another look for you.

Kind Regards

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Go to Footman James , ive just done mine from them and it was £134 with 3000 miles for a 46 yr old
Hope this helps

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I may try that this year I’m due soon, but have 7 years no claims that will expire if I don’t go back to regular insurance instead of classic any ideas ?

Could you take a look at mine as well? I PMd the details across a while ago but I have had no reply.

Hi Steven,

Sorry about this, I’ve arranged for the renewals team to get in touch to discuss this.


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