Adrian Flux - Time to go to the Insurance Ombudsman?

Anyone else unfortunate enough to be insured with them? I don’t have a GTO but I am currently paying over £500 for insurance (30, no points, 1 no fault accident).

I called them to change my address details as I have temporarily moved house, and increase the annual mileage by 500 as my journey to work is much longer. They charged me £142.86 for the privelege of these two things.

And you might be thinking “if he has moved to a shitty area then the policy price will have increased”. My father has his Supra insured with Adrian Flux, we have moved to the same house and his policy didn’t go up at all.

Keith michaels will beat that for sure. I’m 35 6 points 8 years no claims and all mods 356 fully comp. Try these they are great!

I had no luck with Flux. They where very expensive and not competitive at all.

Easily £400/500 more expensive then even admiral!

Which asks the question. Why are they still on here?

Im 29 8 years no claims no points and pay £1300 with admiral :dizzy_face:

Ouch Aaron

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I have locked this posts for now , in view of moving it

The Adrian flux section here is for assistance for those who have their GTO insured with them or are thinking of insuring with them

This is Adrain Flux own personal section , possibly best you ring them regarding this one