Adrian flux

Just thought i would inform people to check there polices if you are with adrian flux as i have just got 6 points for no insurance,i had insurance but not to drive to work, i did’nt ask for this and was’nt told but it was in the small print, informed a friend with a gti-r who’s was the same so he changed it asap,(lucky) the court felt sorry for me and gave me a discharge with nothing to pay but i got 6 points( not happy as know i have 9 points, the other 3 points were for doing 44mph in a 40 limit at 1 o’clock in the morning, snooper time i think

what !i cant believe that how did they know you were going to work ?couldnt you have said you were on holiday that day?
f*****g harsh that mate really bad luck :frowning:

I have copied this in to the Insurance section as well,

Maybe you could give some more details

I wonder how many other people, are not covered,

I have just checked myself, and am


I was just cruising to work when the old bill pulled me over and said where was i going and i said i am going to work, nothing wrong with the car but i had to produce my documents, fine i did, week later the same police man came to see me and said that i was not insured to drive to work, so i laughed he said " its no laughing matter son" got on to adrian flux and went mental, i meen farmer mental, they said oh sorry and reminded me that my insurance was due soon, angry farmer told them to stick it up there combine harvester, i would of happily payed a fine but not six points

Good grief … thats just another reason to avoid these *******.

I have my own grievances with them too - they’ll never get my business again and I like to spread the word at every oppurtunity.

[email protected] !


just tried to get insurance with them and the quote they gave me 4 days ago, it was supposed to be valid till the end of the month, today i was told that it was not valid as i didnt take it out on the day i was quoted and now it is £13 more, but they insist that this quote is valid till the end of the month.
not insured with them i went back to privilege