Adrian rip off Flux!


Mick, I’ve just done a dummy quote through Moneysupermarket for a 1999 3000GT and it’s came out at less than £282! I have applied the 4 years NCB that I have built up with my GTO, as a second car, however.


Taking my NCB off I’m getting £486 with Saga - I know…I’m an old fart…and £530 with Admiral !!


I think the post code is whats doing it, I am 61. I don’t have any no claims as my policy on my Ford Probe is flat rated. Even with 4 years no claims its coming out at £519 !


Mick, have you tried Admiral Multicar policies? Every other year I go with them (as you get the new user discount) as I insure my kids cars with them as well as mine. They don’t live with me and that’s acceptable to Admiral. I always find them the cheapest to do this…and even if other cars to put on the policy might still be insured with another provider, until they reach the end of their year - they just come onto the multicar policy at that point. I try wherever possible to also go through Topcashback and that often gives me a small return between £26-£50 odd quid too. If you’ve got several cars yourself are they not worth a shot?


Yes mate,but as my cars are on flat rated premiums I don’t have no claims bonus as such. I did ring them but it was extortionate. Cheers anyway.


Please can you cancel the swinton logo mate as previous message, its coming after every reply…club rules on 3rd party advertising thanks


Hi Dave, sorry to bother you. 2 things,first I am buying Leos old car from the chap that bought it from him. I have a quote on the insurance with RH Insurance at £290 which i am chuffed with.
They have asked for a club valuation so I can have an agreed value policy. Is that possible? I have told them its worth £6000. If you can let me know please.
Also I need to know how to delete my swinton email and use [email protected] as my club email.




Hi mick

The club doesn’t carry out valuations on cars unfortunately , I know in the past eurospec have done it for customers


I will have to impersonate you to do that? ( Email) or you can do it in preferences.
Will Need your permission to become you.


You have my permission mate ,no problem


Will do it in morning bit late :+1:


How do i contact eurospec ? do you have an email address?


ok Dave thanks.


Pretty sure other garages will do it , would be worth asking your insurance company if they have anyone they recommend


Ok cheers.Normally when i have done agreed value they have someone in house that does it.


I have changed this but you will have to confirm via email sent I think, cheers Dave


Think ive sorted in dave. Hallelujah ! Lopk forward to picking leos old car and posting pics.


Many thanks for your help and patience.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for that. Do I now log in under mick1101 email? I cant remember password . The modern age does my head in. Passwords for everything !




Regarding the valuation, all they need is something from the owners club to say it would be valued at approx £6k. Not a full engineers legal valuation. If that makes sense?