Adrian rip off Flux!


Just had a quote from these jokers of £800 !! As the vehicle im looking at is my 3rd car ,limited mileage ,they must be mad.
Anyone have any suggestions for insurance?


I should perhaps explain something here…
We found a company that saved GTOUK members a fortune in insurance, however this got abused by non paying members, one really took the ## so other than what you can see there will little help in the insurance catagories. One of the many perks to full membership, would be good to see you back here :+1:


Hi Dave,
I am still a member even though I had to sell my previous GTO. Now circumstances permit me to buy another so I am looking around for one.
However after speaking to Adrian Flux,I was shocked at the premium quoted,and the guy was way too pushy for my liking. Previousley I had my GTO with Footman James at a cost of £250 ,but they no longer insure the cars.
So if you have any ideas ,please let me know.



Your membership unfortunately lapsed in April 17 club membership is here bud.



hi dave,
can you double check this as i was charged twice for renewal of membership, and was credited the 2nd amount back.
i can still access the club forums etc.


I can only apologise for the previous secretary’s mistakes, I will correct this now and will speak with Simon to offer you a discount on next year’s subscription, you have missed 6 month’s of full access and membership to the forum.
On it now Dave


You are now full member again sorry I will find you a link to the insurance post.

And here most importantly is Rh


Hi Dave,
Sorry to cause confusion ,dont worry about a discount, I am happy to pay £20 all day long my friend. Its the least we can do.
I have had a quote from RH insurance of £399 agreed value,but car has to be garaged to include theft cover . I have a garage but its a mile away from my house…but its the cheapest by a long way so far.



Why are they wanting it garaged now? It was just in the drive previously!
I don’t tend to not worry about theft you would have to be armed with an angle grinder to get mine off the drive :joy:
Glad to help, that’s not bad for agreed value, can I ask what you’ve bought and had valued at?
Cheers Dave… And PICTURES! :joy:


I havent bought it yet. I have put an offer in at £7k ,its a 1999 3000GT. I am looking at acouple of others as well. I do miss my GTO. I have a BMW 325ci Conv and a Ford Probe 24v,and whilst I love both cars they do not compare to a GTO/GT.

This was mine, unfortunately the guy who bought it wrote it off, or should i say some idiot woman driver did !
I want a top example ,one that has been looked after and is ready to go !


I was looking at a red mark 1 that was owned by a member on here that had the lambo style doors on it,but just missed out as finance wasnt in place in time…looked like an amzing car .


Lol yes lots of us were in ore of that… myself included a real bargain that.


i would have paid his asking price as well at £5500. Just couldnt sort things in time !


I see now why the insurance is higher your looking at a much newer more valuable to the insurance world gto… I take it rh won’t insure that as a classic car? So that’s pritty good tbh.


well the blue car cost me £4500 back in 2015, and I sold her for £6000 in may 2017. I know the cars are going up in value,and to buy a project car is not for me. I also know that a good car will cost as much or more than the one I sold. Its just a case of finding one that suits me. As for the insurance ,its horses for courses,as always,and I have had some horrendous quotes. But thats the way it is, best I have had is £340 on 5000 miles with a garage.
I work in insurance but unfortunately we only do Taxis !
One of the reasons for the increase in premiums is that the GTO/GT has attracted some wrong sorts if you get my drift.
The bottom line is you have 2 choices ,you either pay the premiums or you dont.
They are a hell of a car,in lots of ways, but that doesnt mean you have to rag them to death…as usually there is only 1 result.
I have respect for my cars,and with all the cameras around these days,you have to be careful.
When I fisrt drove my blue GTO, I genuinely had that wow factor and not for the speed alone…so I am looking forward to having another.


There is a red mark 2 3000GT on here that is a steal. Def worth checking out


i know the feeling im the same when had one before and am looking at getting one again soon just need few more pay days before i get one again :slight_smile:
and like james said there a few good ones for sale on here :slight_smile: thats why im here lol


Mick, I’ve just renewed my mk1 GTO with Adrian Flux for £325. It’s got some modification to it which was taken into account. It’s the cheapest I could find. You have to ring them for the best prices though, which I did.


Hi John,

I did ring Adrian Flux and they quoted me £800 ! I mentioned the owners club. They blamed the value of the car £8k and the postcode,LS28 6DQ,which is Leeds.
If I do buy the car I will try them again.
Thanks for the info.