Advice best Place to fit converter chip? KMP-MPH


Hello, I would like some advice plz. I have purchased a converter (KMP-MPH) delimiter chip and in the fitting instructions it says to splice it in after the connector to the sensor at the gear box in the engine bay. I asked the seller why it couldnt be fitted behind the dash near the speedo, he replied by says for it to work the best mount it as per instructions in the engine bay. I would have thought the engine bay environment would be much harsher than behind the dash. Any advice would be helpful and much appreciated


Hi gj1, Go to the introductions section and introduce yourself, put up some pictures of your car and give a little bit of a history of yourself and your car. Not the prison bit, we don’t need to know that :joy::joy::joy: (joke) my sense of humour, but Rob suggests fitting it somewhere else. You’ll find it a bit quiet on the forum this weekend as there is a meet at Santa Pod.

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Get off forum Terry and get your car finished mate :wink::joy::joy:


Will do @Colin_GTO, have the engine totally put together and the radiator in, just cant find a mikalor top hose clip, will just put and ordinary one on for now then put water in and then start her up. Will be putting a post up in the appropriate place soon.

Broke a drill bit yesterday drilling out a broken bolt and now have to try and get the bit out so I can tap the threads.

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Welcome back gj1 as Terry said a bit quiet at the moment but soon someone will give You some advise . At the moment You can’t see the full menu or access the technical information as a You are basic member, I suggest You sign up for full membership is well worth it Get some pictures up and refresh Your profile :+1:


Welcome to the club, please use this section to introduce yourself and your car not for technical posts.
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Or you can just cut pin 66 off the ecu it’s a yellow wire…job done
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Still don’t forget to introduce yourself with some pictures


Hi Terry, Cheers for reply If i only knew I would hAVE DEFINITLY GONE TO SANTA pod. No worries I fitted it yesterday looks like there was one connected before because the wires were taped up and only twisted together all good now though, next job all the belts… Ive actually been on this site since 2013 but only just got back into it. My gto tt hasnt done many miles/kms in the last 7 years.


Sorry been away for a while since i first joined 2013, glad to say not prison referring to Terry…:grin: