Advice needed for insuring imported GTO -31 yrs, No NCB

Hi all,

Having just taken a lovely imported GTO for a test drive this morning I put down a deposit and started to ring for quotes (originally had a web quote from on a random GTO type for around 670 quid. On ringing Elephant, they freaked when I said it was imported and said they could not insure that model…

So, rang Tescos who then freaked at having zero no claims bonus…

Rang somewhere else, cannot remember who now who quoted something like 2200 quid for insurance which is ummm… crazy talk.

I am 31 years old, have had a clean full UK driving license for 12 years and had no accidents/convictions etc etc, and was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations or was in the same situation as me and what quotes they settled with…

Cheers all,


Best quotes I got for us over 30’s is Frizzel. full details can be found in the Insurance section. And yes they do insure imports and not bothered about mods