Advice needed SRS Light on

Can anyone advise me regarding this light. My battery went flat and when I sorted it out the SRS light stayed on. Typically I was due an MOT. Mitsubishis equip would not communicate. I found an Auto Electrician who seemed confident and went to the garage to sort it. I have found out that he couldn’t sort it but managed to REMOVE THE BULB !! at a cost of £70 plus vat. Even I could of done that. Is there any kit I can purchase or does anyone know of any one in the Northwest (Preston/Blackpool area) that can sort this problem.


These may help

I think you need a MUT to do this

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What Year is your car Kevin and i will be able to shed some more light oin this for you

Generally if the car has had the ignition turned on and you tried to start the car by turning the key and the battery voltage was under 11.5 volts it will turn the SRS Dash light and This light will stay on until it is reset by a diagnostic tool.

The required tool varies from the build year of installed ECU

Only the very late 96 on wards cars can be reset by the Autel Tools you can buy off Ebay cheap

Earlier cars need something far older, Lie a MUT (MItsubishi Utility Tool) or a Snap on MT2500/G

If you have a 95-96 car then your in a whole world of pain trying to get it reset as its a Hybrid ECU as only the MUTs will talk to your car

Hope this helps any one finding this post in the future

And in one of the older posts Simon added it mentions your Local Mitsubishi dealer doing it for free
Last customer i spoke to who had them try to do it was charged £140 for them having a look for an Hour and NOT turning it off

Free Hahahahaahahahahahahaahhahahahah

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Hi Simon thanks for your help. Although I have a sign in I haven’t subscribed to the club for a while so am u able to view reply. I am willing to pay fees though. Can do this online now ?


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Hi Kevin, welcome back :+1: just pop in the club shop making sure you are signed in, then purchase full membership again via PayPal, this will automatic update you to full member again.
Thanks Dave

I would not take the srs bulb out. Mitsubishi service can not handle to reset srs light on my gto 91’. I took it to garage where guys have only mitsubishi lancers, and their computer sort my problem out in 10 minutes.
You can try as well swich ignition on and off 10 times, it should work when battery went flat, but has not been disconected…(I heard like that, but I am not sure if that will help)


Exactly what I did to mine Lukas, on and off 10 times, no problem!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

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Yeah tried that no joy, but I did disconnect the battery to put it on a maintenance charge