Advice on insurance

HI all

I’ve just joined the site, and I’m looking for some advice on insurance.

I can’t afford to insure a twin turbo so I’m going to buy the 3000GT non turbo model.

My problem is I have no NCB and I have only been a named driver up to now. I am 28 yrs old and my best quote so far is 1500 quid from norwich union.

Can anyone recommend a good insurance company? or is this price a good deal and therefore I should accept it. The condition of offer is that a category 1 immobiliser has to be fitted. :?

N/A insurance isnt that much cheaper than TT … I have both so know !

1500 is alot - but with 0 NCB it’s probobly cheap !!

Try Tesco - or Frizzels - they are doing good deals at the moment. Im with Liverpool Victoria - they are very cheap - but unfortunatly wont insure anyone under 30.

Being honest - it might be better for you to wait until your 30 to buy and insure a GTO.