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Hi all my name is mark i am looking at buying a gto the car i enquired about has a low level coolant light on the display the guy who is selling it said it came on a couple of weeks ago but the fluid level has not gone down so he said he thinks its the sensor at fault could any of you kind people give me any advice on this or should i steer clear of this car kind regards mark.

Hi Mark, welcome to GTOUK.

Are you sure its the coolant light and not the screen wash light - they get confused often


HIi there thankyou for taking the time to reply thats kind of you.the car is 200 miles away from me so i asked lots of questions he said its definately low coolant level light on the display is lit up only came on a couple of weeks ago.its just that if i buy it would it be safe to drive home he assured me it was not losing any fluid when he has took the cap off the rad kind regards mark.

Where abouts is the car - maybe someone local that could take a look for you?

Hi Mark Welcome Aboard, do You mean the filler neck cap or the plastic overflow bottle ? Ask him to check the level ( 2 markings ) on the plastic overflow bottle and top up if necessary !


Hi there thankyou for replying to me very kind of you i am looking at buying the car but as its 200 miles away cant view it first so if its as he has said im getting the train there to drive it home.i was just worried it could cause damage to the car.i am only going off what he said on the phone he said 2 weeks ago the low level coolant light appeared on the dash and has stayed on he has drove it and said the levels have stayed the same and he thinks its the sensor gone faulty?regards mark.

Could just be a faulty sensor but without having a look at the levels you can’t be sure - could always buy a 5L bottle of coolant and take it with you


Ok When You’re there and the levels are correct try to burp the cooling system , start the car and run with the filler neck cap off till it gets warm and the coolant starts to flow in to expansion tank .
When You drive away keep Your eye on the temperature , first important think is to bring the car home in one piece.
Second thing to do is to sign up for Full Membership , You gonna need it to access all the technical info sections and Data in the Forum , well worth £ 20 a Year .
Third is to upload few pictures of the car tell us about any plans You have for the car and Your location ! Cheers


Or you could start of with getting membership straight away, so you can see what other fellow GTO owners have asked and explained in the past regarding this issue and soooo many other issues/ know how’s that will defo save you £20 at some point before/ during ownership.

Probably cheaper then your train fare and you’ve got loads to read through on your journey :blush:


Take a head gasket tester and test it

Hi there thank you for your reply I am clueless on cars I wouldn’t know how to test the head gasket would you please advise me on this regards mark.

First tt I ever looked at had no water in the expansion tank, pulled the cap off the top of the engine hose and was full of crap…
Pulled oil and was creamy…
Also had twin pipes but only one exhaust to the NS🤣

Walked away… well actually got back on the train…

Welcome and good luck


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Hi mark,

Where is this car and have you got a link - trust me if it’s nearby I’m happy to take a look and have a head gasket test kit. The low coolant sensor is in the expansion tank so I would of thought the current owner would have topped up the expansion tank and the see if the light has gone out like most of us will have to do occasionally.

Welcome to the club and good luck in your search- remember if you get a bad bad vibe from the guy or when you view the car just walk away there are other cars out there :+1:



Hi James thanks for your time I appreciate it my contact number is 07508 110555 if you could give me a quick bell or text me your number and I will give you a call kind regards mark.

Hi James would you be able to give me a quick call on 07508 110555 or if you send me your number I will call you just for a quick chat kind regards mark.

Omg someone else like me on here honestly even if it is a fault with your £20 paid you’ll be sorted in no time one of these guys will help you out :+1:


Hi there how do I join to become a full member I would be more than happy to pay the £20 fee regards mark.



Buy a sniff tester from ebay or locally very easy to use bit of the liquid supplied into the big kind of pipett/syringe looking thing get the car running remove the coolant filler cap and pump a few times if the liquid changes colour there are gassed in the coolant which means a fault with head gasket/head/block etc well worth the cost imo saved me a few times :+1:t2:

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Hi @mark9
Full membership is in the club shop.
At the top of the screen select the 3 lines
Then select shop link in blue.

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