Aerial insert and chrome badge for 99 rear panel

Hi Rob,
Hope things are good with you, Just wondered when my aeriel and rear badge order will turn up?
Ta Mate

Hi Pete,

I have a maassive delivery on it’s way over now, so should be early next week it will arrive with you

Cheers Rob

No worries ta Rob

hes slacking!!!

did you get my p.m about the mirrors?


Yes i did thank you Baz…

Hi Rob whats the latest fella have you got em yet?
ta mate

Chrome badges are now here, I am just waiting for the aerial insert which sould be this week.

Cheers Rob

Ta for the update rob, cant wait to be able to stop ‘helping’ my aerial down when I get out of the car!

[quote]Ta for the update rob, cant wait to be able to stop ‘helping’ my aerial down when I get out of the car!

Your not alone, I need one myself and they have been out of stock in Japan for ages now.
Cant wait for my own one next week too.

Cheers Rob

Hi Mate any news on the bits, JAE is here lol
ta fella

Hi Rob, have the ariels turned up yet fella ?
Ta mate

One of the giant 8’x4’x4’ boxes arrived just before i left this evening, so i will dispatching loads of stuff tomorrow night.

I do not know what is in this box as there are 4 of them to arrive this week, so you should see you parts in the next few days

Cheers Rob

Cheers Rob, I appreciate the update mate

Hi Rob
just thought I’d post to say thanks for the bits the badge sorts the rear end out and I fitted the ariel mast at the weekend and it’s sooo nice to just get out of the car and just walk away instead of running round before power to the ariel dies usual broken section of the toothed cord.
Thanks again
Pete Ewens

Hi Pete,

I am just sorry it took a while to get the stock out of Mitsubishi in Japan…Their back orders we taking longer and longer !!!

A whole load of stuff that was out of stock for ages has now come back into stock here too… So it’s again looking good for parts for the car

Cheers Rob

Hi rob, does this mean the oil cooler pipes are here at long last :shock:

Just so all the nosey people who read posts know- the oil pipes are here and have been since monday and i have tonys :lol: :lol: :lol:

Cheers pete, will give you a call, I am about next week if your not to busy, have you paid for those off rob if not I will phone him & pay him tomorrow, cheers Tony

Hi tony ive only just seen this- you need to give rob a bell. im free most of the week, got a trip to bens one day maybe though. I will give you a call tomorrow eve if i can.

Hi pete, will ring rob on mon, let me know what day you are at bens & we can work around that or the following week I have free, cheers mate.