Hi Rob,

I’ve got a problem with my aerial - I think it’s busted :frowning:

It went up ok as I switched the stereo on, but then it made a funny noise and wouldn’t go back down again.

The motor is working fine as you can hear that trying to operate as normal, but the aerial just got stuck (we managed to push the aerial back down as the motor tried to retract it though).

Do you have aerial’s in stock?


Hi Gaz,

Sounds like the insert has snapped.

Out of stock at the moment, but they are due early next week.

I have a few coming in, but they have not sent the number i ordered.
And they are on back order in Japanand i have quite a few to send out to people when they arrive.

Give me a call and order one to make sure you get one.

Cheers Rob

mine does that …have you tried tapping it down when the motor is trying to pull it down?? temp solution until you get it sorted?

HI rob im also after one of these as mine is all rusty at the base and doesnt look very good. it works fine but i would like a new one, how much do you charge for these???