Aero tray differences

It may have taken a while but I’ve finally taken some pictures of the different aero trays.

MK1/2 GTO Turbo & 3000GT Active Aero

Please forgive the state of the tray in this pictures, there is a reason its not on a car :lol: Basically the tray is the same for both Jap and Euro models, with a small shape change on the Euro models (detailed below). It looks like this;

As mentioned the aero above is from a 3000GT, the difference between the GTO and the 3000GT aero is that the 3000GT has these corner pieces added and the tray is shaped to take these, so they can not be added to a GTO tray;

Both GTO/3000GT aero’s have 3 access doors and the kidney shaped cover that goes on the centre of the aero. A GTO Aero will fit on a 3000GT and vice versa.


I’ve been told that this MR tray is the same as a MK3 GTO so if anyone knows different please let me know and I will edit this thread. The Aero is a 3 piece fixed item and it uses the same kidney cover as the MK1/2 Active Aero but it has no covers for the access cut-outs. It looks like this;


This is a 4 piece item and only fits the mk4 as the shape of the nose differs to all other GTO/3000GT. It also uses the same kidney door that the other trays use and has no covers on the access cut outs. It also uses the same centre section that the MK2 GTO MR/MK3 uses.

The MK4 aero has a front skirt that clips in to the outer corner pieces of the tray like this;

I haven’t listed the MK1/2 GTO Non-Turbo as the car isn’t fast enough to need one! :lol: :lol: No seriously, I haven’t seen a Non-turbo under tray but I would assume that it is the same as the MK2 GTO MR/MK3 aero tray but again, if anyone knows different please let me know.

If you have a tray that is missing I would suggest getting one back on your car (even if it’s a N/A :wink: ), as they really do stop the car feeling light at the front end when you are at motorway speed or more (lets face it, everyone drives fast at some point!)

Hope the thread is a little help to people! :slight_smile:


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