After a couple of parts

Hi rob

Im after a couple of parts from my wish list if you have them in stock .

GTO and 3000GT Rear Wheel Steer Delete Kit
GTO and 3000GT 5 & 6 Speed Gearchange Linkage and Shifter Upgrade Kit V2.0
GTO and 3000GT HIgh Quality Steering Rack Gaiter Kit

All for 1991 tt

Theres more but all get round to it soon

Best of giving him a ring tomorrow mate, he might not see this post

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will do reece thanks

I am still after the internal plastic clips.
Not sure if the order went through.
No paypal…

same problem , went through to payment and after i clicked to pay it went to a blank screen and just stayed there

You should get a confirmation email within about an hour, if not best give him a ring just to check.