Aftermarket TT Parts - OZ wheels, de-cat, BOV, silicone hoses

Aftermarket upgrade parts removed from my car in the past week or so as I restore it to standard. I’m near Rugby for collection (but can post the smaller bits at cost).

OZ F1 alloy wheels 7.5J x 17 in white
Good condition with slight kerbing and some small areas of damage (see pics)
Two tyres with loads of tread left, but not a good brand (Keter?)
Two without tyres (wheels are fine, but I swapped the tyres onto my new OE wheels)

TurboSmart Dual Port Blow-off Valve
Can be set to full recirculate, part recirculate or fully to atmosphere
Includes removable trumpet attachment, but is missing the port blank for full recirc mode - these are less than a tenner brand new though.
Has adjustable spring pressure to get the ‘whoosh’ without causing fuelling issues
Not very old, but anodised finish is scratched where it was sitting on top of the gear shift levers

3-inch de-cat / test pipe
Unknown brand, but seems good quality)

Samco silicone hoses (blue)
Throttle body (for aftermarket y-pipes) and I believe the other two are radiator hoses (?)
Brand never and never fitted

Greddy two-port boost solenoid
I believe it’s from a Profec controller kit

Hi do you know if the decat pipe fits a 3000gt or a gto I think they are different sizes…

If 3000gt I’d do a deal on that and the samco hoses?

Hi, yes it came off a UK 3000gt. Can do £40 for both (plus postage if you want me to send).

Yes please would you be able to get a postage quote, slowboat is fine via hermes etc

No worries, I’ll weigh them and let you know

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I’m interested in the wheels. Where about are you?

You should be able to ship wheels for around 40-50 quid, probably less, if you go on google for Shipley or similar, but look for people who ship wheels/tyres and they will price them as that, not weight and size, that will cost more.
They want them packed extensively, but should be a good deal in the end.
I did two sets recently.
Good luck.

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I’m near Rugby, NN6 postcode

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure where I’d start to find enough cardboard / bubble wrap though!

Wheels shipper and large parts

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Wow, they’re pretty reasonable prices - thanks

That’s who I used.

Hi Nick, sorry for the delay, I haven’t forgotten!

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No bother just give me a shout as and when!

Hi, postage is a bargain £6 via Hermes for the decat and silicone pipes. It weighs far less than I thought it would.

Awesome let’s do it,do you take PayPal?

De-cat and silicone hoses sold to Nick - everything else still available.