AGM 2016 & Social Gathering - Booking details

We would like to invite you to the 2016 AGM & Social Gathering to take place on Saturday 16th April 2016.

The venue this year is The Holiday Inn Hotel, Hinkley Road Coventry, CV2 2HP


Please Note - There are two Holiday Inn Hotels in Coventry - Don’t book the “Holiday Inn - South” in error.

Hotel Rates - Non Refundable Upon Cancellation

B&B - £65.00 Including Breakfasts

We have reserved 15 rooms, so please book early, as these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Book online or call: 02476 587 420 Booked under Res ID is H27 You can not book online with the code

That phone number is the in-house reservations number, but is only open 9am - 5.30pm, after that calls are automatically transferred to Central Reservations (where the numpties work), people have had problems in the past booking though the central reservations Res ID is H27

This year we have decided to not book a set evening meal, to give more freedom to the members in deciding where the would like to eat, and budget accordingly.

Order of the Day

Meet & Greet from 12:00
Annual General Meeting - 13:00pm-14:00pm (approx)
3pm onwards - Eat, Drink, Chew the Fat and be Merry Laughing
4pm Ten Pin Bowling at

As well as meeting up with friends and having a good time, please remember, this is YOUR platform to discuss YOUR club, vote on club issues or changes and voice your opinions and ideas should you wish to, so please make every effort to attend.

Once the formalities are over, this becomes a very social event for members, wives and partners, where we can all kick back and enjoy, what over the years, has become one of the best GTOUK meets of the year.

Nearer the time we will be inviting you to propose ‘Items for the Agenda’ so get your thinking caps on - and don’t be afraid to speak up.

If you could post on here if you will be attending, as it’s always good for others to see who is going, people you may have spoken to on the forum but never met and would like to, and here’s your chance.

List Updated

1, Simon Baker


Just down road from me so count me in


Just checked mot due april 19th so im in lol.


I’ll be there too :yum:

Terry :sunglasses:


I’ve saved the date!


I will be there.


excellent the more the merrier!!


Count me in too :grin:


All booked in via the website, using the code as above.

With the Xmas ‘do’ behind us now, this is the next one on the calendar - lots to discuss and agree on for the Club at this meet, so don’t miss out on your vote/say.

Tracie & Steve.


Deffo count me in :slight_smile:


I’m deffo in too :blush:


I will be there :slight_smile:



Yeah why the hell not :slight_smile: im in

will get it booked once Chrimbo is oot of the way

Craig :smile:


All now booked.
Not doing breakfast in the hotel this year, as £15 for one is a bit of a rip off. (better as a couple), so room cost £48
I will be seeking an alternative.

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hullo i have booked for barbara and myself again for £65 including brekkie
see you all there :grin:

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Providing I don’t crash the GTO between now and then, I’ll be there


Have booked hotel room for Nicky and I not through club as used some of my Hotel points…see you there


Just a reminder folks, I know it still seems a long way off, but remember the Club only reserved 15 rooms, and after that it’s take a chance you can still get in.

  1. Simon Baker
  2. Steve & Tracie
  3. Neil & Sam
  4. Marty K
  5. Andy & Barbara
  6. Dave & Nicky
  7. Mick & Tracey
  8. Craig


I’m booked in but using some old hotel points

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hullo there im afraid im not coming,:disappointed: it seems that my company has stiched me up for refresher training on that weekend
its mega important to do as from jan 2017, anyone who has not completed these courses will not be able to go to sea on a british merchant vessel which is what i does
i have to say that im well gutted and flaming hate having to work to earn a crust
just in case anyone is still looking for a place to stay for the night, i did have booked the holiday inn in coventry m6 and only cancelled it today so the room should still be up for grabs
WILL see you at the castle coombe event, we defo be there :+1:

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