AGM 2017 DETAILS - "Have Your Say"

Welcome Members,

Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed another fantastic year with GTOUK, whether that be at meets, forum, seeking help to keep your beast on the road, or, all of the above :-).

But sadly with only one more Club meet on the Calendar - the Christmas Bash, we are looking towards the first event of the new Membership Year, the GTO Annual General Meeting.

Q. “So What is the AGM all about?”

A. In short, it’s all about YOU, the Members, and the way the Club is operated.

The Club is operated by Rules of a Constitution, rules not only imposed on Members, but on the Committee too, so for that reason, the GTOUK Committee need to answer to YOU each year regarding how we spend your subscription money, money generated elsewhere and the decisions we make behind the scenes.

Being on the Committee is a job, at times a very tedious one, but every year at the AGM, the Committee have to ‘stand down’ and be voted back on by YOU the Members, having proved their worth over the last 12 months to be there and run your Club, it’s not a God given right.

All Members will receive a postal invite to the AGM, but also within that will be a welcome for you to be on the Committee, so if you think you can help in any way and give that commitment to GTOUK in whatever format, send in your Nomination form.

So… the 3 main things which happen at the AGM are:-

1).Your Treasurer - Simon - explains how funds have been spent in the previous year.
2). You choose, and vote in the new Committee who you want to take the Club forward for the next 12 months.
3) The Committee listens to YOU, ideas, questions, requests, grievances, ways you may be able to help. So don’t feel nervous to stick your hand up and ask/say/suggest, it’s actually quite disappointing if we get to this stage and ‘silence’ falls upon the room.


This part - the AGM - takes about 1.5 - 2.0 hrs, after that, we go out for food, drink and have non-intellectual conversation, till the early hours, or however long you can stand up.


Date - 8th April 2017

Venue - The Holiday Inn, Hinckley Road, Coventry, CV2 2HP

AGM Start Time - 1pm sharp, meet if you like for a natter & drink at 12 Noon.

Room Prices :-
Double with Breakfast - £65.00
Single with Breakfast - £55.00

Room Bookings Phone - 02476 587 420 (9am - 5.30pm) or 02476 587 400 after 5.30pm
Booking Reference - GTOUK Annual General Meeting RE2

For my part personally, I’d like to thank all of you Members for being part of the GTOUK family, you don’t need to be a frequent poster on the Forum or even to go to meets to enjoy it, everyone is different and has different commitments , but we know you are here… enough said.

Here’s to a great GTOUK 2017.



The meet season is still simmering in GTOMR land but not for much longer.Been a top year for me after getting y gto in feb this year and enjoyed being back in the fold,thanks to everyone members and commitee alike for all your work and help over 2016.
Looking forward toseeing everybody next year,catching up with new things you may have done to your cars over the winter and to a summer of fun without so much fat,in the meantime i will continue posting crap and trying to post funny replies to yours.

Long live GTOUK.


Honestly the AGM is a brilliant meet. The hotel has about 10 local food Venus, the hotel has a great bar and social area and usually we all go bowling in between the meeting and the food.

It really is a great meet, the gtos are not mandatory at all, I personally don’t bring mine because of the hotel speed bumps.
Also it’s a great meet to bring your partners along. Let’s them see we are not just a car club, we are friends and family.

The committee as Stevie say do step down every year, and we require your votes and confidence in us.

We like to think we are a very approachable committee with anyone having problems/issues/concerns contacting us for help.

If anyone doesn’t want to put their hand up and ask a question please feel free to drop one of us a message before hand so we can raise the concern for you.

We love having comments and feedback… It’s the only way we know we are doing right/wrong and how you want the club to grow and expand


I’m not going to go on and on…
I love this club, I love what it stands for,
It’s simply very good freinds and cars to me.
I was in a very different place year b4 last agm was my first meet and from then on I’ve tried to do as much as possible this year to attend meets and become an involved member giving something back.
Won’t miss the agm for the world :smiley: may even submit that iccle bit of paper this year :laughing:
Huge thanks for this year roll on Xmas and next year.


Hi All,

Suggestions for the club from me are.

More traders to the forum. Not just parts for these cars,but tools,cleaning products,car and repair products for the DIY. Monthly fee for them to pay and allowed 3 adverts per month. All traders listed on a page with logo and with links to sites.

Product reviews and new products page. Again traders to the site send products to members athorised to review them.

Dedicated used section for members ONLY, to place bits and bobs for sale.

Trader review page. When a trader supplies good or bad service put it here.

You could also have a garage section where previous members have had work done to their car, as we all know it’s getting hard to find good mechanics for these cars.

These will bring revenue to the club to build a better and brighter GTO community.

Thanks Ian


I would love to come to this and meet you all! And also I would love to come in the gto but what Butler said about the hotel bumps worries me seen as mine is ridiculously low but hopefully she will have new and slightly bigger coilovers by April.


Hi all,

Well what a year - my first full year as a member and managed to get to a good few meets this year including 2 camping events (was my first time camping!). I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone better and a number of you still spoke to me after my drunken behaviour and singing bohemian rhapsody at JAE apparently there’s a video somewhere :joy: @Tracie?

As for the committee I thank all those both current and those who have stepped down for all the work you do behind the scenes. I’m not on the club committee but in my work I have to make decisions and do things I know will upset some people but believe are for the best of everyone thus can understand the frustrations and thankless task it can feel.

One thing I would say to all is that when reading posts is is so easy to interpret what is written in many different ways - we only have to look at all the various problems around the world arising from how people interpret religious text ( now I’m rambling). One thing I do is if something I read is not what I agree with I often go away and think about it come back and then if I still feel strongly about it - talk directly to the individual to clarify rather than table tennis emails /posts.

That said all in all this is a fantastic club and I really enjoy being a member and enjoy being involved in it. As a fellow member said you get out what you put in and I couldn’t agree more. So am looking forward to another great year ahead and hopefully getting to more events and helping out more.

Bring on the Christmas bash - can see myself having one or two :joy:



What can I say James , you got right into the spirit of JAE which is what it’s all about :sunglasses: The same way you have with the club itself .

Fill your boots at the Xmas bash and enjoy yourself

Craig :grinning:


@ORV, I think you’ve touched on something here that I was only discussing with someone the other day. So, I’d like to add to a few of your points.

This already exists, business traders can pay a fee and they get a forum section. In this section they post their products, offers and also interact with customers via the forum. It also acts as a “reviews” area as many people post about their experience both positive and negative. However, I think the new forum software doesn’t support this as well as the old software did. In the new forum these sub-sections are a little bit hidden so require a bit of digging to find.

I would personally be interested to hear what the traders actually think about the new setup compared with the old, @GSXRKID, @Oilman, @DAN2. I feel we used to get a lot more interaction from these guys than we do now so finding out what has reduced their interaction with members and the forum is a key requirement.

The classified area is for member only sales, we occasionally get people sign up and post stuff for sale in the wrong area (because they can’t access this part). But the moderators seem to be doing a good job of catching these and shifting them or deleting them as appropriate.


The constitution of the club needs changing, i believe a vote is required on this at the agm for the following year.

What in the constitution needs changing @DavePerky? It’s a vast document covering many topics, would be in the greater interest to share the changes you wish to propose in advance.

Room booked, be careful they tried to charge me £65 and not the £55



As we begin to think about the new year ahead of us, my thoughts have turned back to the AGM and this thread.

Could some share the current club constitution please, I think it is important people are aware of it long before the AGM (especially if changes are to be proposed).

Also, when do we normally get the minutes from the last AGM? If I have missed them would someone please provide me a link?

I believe this year’s event could lead to big change for the club, and I would like to highlight the importance of everyone having their say and understanding the current documentation. It’s easy to let it pass you, with the belief it has very little affect on you personally but it does have the ability to have a profound affect on the club.

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Very deep Steven , is there some inside information you would care to disclose there ? As I’m unaware of any major changes in my little bubble so would love to know what’s possibly in store :flushed:


Not being funny but I’ve found the minutes straightaway as I’ve just looked I also read them when they went up , if your going to drop in occasionally things do get missed , the search button is your friend here unless your too busy :wink:


Its not difficult you type committee minutes into the box.


I am a little shocked here, as I am not privy to any major changes to the club.

Apart from sorting out a contract with our current host providers or looking for a different alternative one.

I also know you are more than capable of finding the Constitution and the AGM Minutes. But you feel the need for someone else to post it.

I read into this and I maybe wrong, that the section of the Constitution that is bothering you is the Election of Officers/Committee.

On any occasion over the years that any amendments have been made to the Constitution it has been done at an AGM by the members. Changes are not done willy nilly they are usually a necessity to close loop holes ie. Treasurer role has to be a proven member before they have control of your funds.

As I say maybe I got your post wrong Steve, so a little more detail of what you want to add would be good, the title does say “Have your say”.



If your having trouble mate, I would not call it a vast document, 5 mins read tops.


Again also I’m a little confused as I also know of no major changes.

However I won’t add anything more to what’s been added since Steves comments. As the AGM as he states IS the place to come have your say and this thread is to encourage others to come on board and to suggest things to be talked about etc.
I don’t think it’s a bad thing for members who are new to see the constitution nor see the last minuets (of which some members might not know existed)

We do like to encourage you all to come join as it is one of the most informal yet formal meets with lots discussed and then a huge social afterwards (probably one of the best as we all get together for food n drinks rather than splitting off in to seep rate groups to go look at cars on the stands etc)

Again with all this in mind, please Steve elaborate on your previous post, I for one certainly would be interested in hearing what’s on your mind, as would the other members and committee. :grinning:


i think these parts is very important, if we wish to change or even discus this,

1.3 Alterations of Rules

Any alterations may be made in these Rules by a General Meeting, provided:
•(a) that details of the proposed alteration or alterations are included in the Notice of the General Meeting, to be given at least two weeks beforehand; and that
•(b) the resolution proposing such alteration be carried by a majority of those entitled to vote.

So we if someone what to change anything

We need to have some notice and ONLY people at the AGM can vote


4.1 The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in the month of April in each year upon a date and at a time to be fixed by the Committee.

The Annual General Meeting shall:

•(e) decide on any resolution which may be duly submitted to the meeting as provided for in these rules.


4.4 Voting

Every Member with the right to be present may express one vote. The Chairman shall not vote except in the exercise of a casting vote. At all General Meetings, except as provided in sub-section 1.3, a majority of votes decides a resolution.

4.5 Right to be Present

No one can take part in General Meetings unless they have been duly elected as a Member of the Club, and has paid their subscription according to these Rules, except in the case of persons outside the Membership who have been appointed by the Committee to act on the Clubs behalf.