AGM Invites and Membership renewals for 2010

I’m currently printing these off, and would like to take the opportunity to remind all members to please CHECK ALL DETAILS on the forms, and amend, clearly, before SIGNING and returning the forms.

The form MUST be completed correctly. Any missing signatures, or incorrect details, WILL result in you losing forum access and extra work for us when you start to complain that you aren’t a registered paid-up member. We rely on YOU to tell us the correct details.


Renewals have gone up this year haven’t they ?

If so how much is it to renew membership this year or are they still the same as last year ?

£30 is the new renewal fee.


hi there how do i pay for membership and how much is it :smiley: :smiley:

Right - all letters have been printed, packed and sealed. They will be sent out on Monday, so please watch your letterboxes.

Please remember to fill out the forms correctly and amend any details that are incorrect or have changed.

You’ll also find some draw tickets in the envelope - please read the letter to understand what these are for!

Guys, help us out here…

we’ve already had a few cheques in without forms…


Points up at previous post Still getting some back with no signed forms, or no form at all… Come on chaps - it isn’t that hard is it? :? :wink:

who would that be Mr JONES :oops: :lol: :shock: :shock: :shock:

I forgot to send my forms in before i went offshore, when i was away by partner sent my raffle stubs in and also sent my blank renewal form in! Where can i get another form to fill in please and ill send with payment asap.

Try this :wink: