AGM Part Collections

We will have a selection of our best selling items available at the AGM and will also have with us items that are difficult to normally mail out to people. This includes all the Window weather strips for all Doors and Hatch.

If you want anything please let me know and i will make sure that it is put aside for you to collect.

I will posting later today a Easter Sale List of goodies at special prices, that can also be collected at the AGM.

Cheers Rob

Hi Rob, have you got me down for a set of hatch trims?


I’ll have a cambelt kit! :lol: :lol:

My parts to bring:

Subframe mounts
Oil Filter
Driver and passenger weather stipes (the black bits between the door skin and window!)
Inner and outer CV gators
Lower Plenum gaskets
Parts I need to bring for you:**
Zero gauge cable plus crimps & compression fittings
4 gauge cable plus crimps

Mark :wink:

Will you have my bits in time for the AGM Rob?


[quote]Will you have my bits in time for the AGM Rob?


Hi Mark all the 99 stuff is here, having trouble tracking the rear stop light down for you, but it will arrive.

Will give all you guys a quick call weds night

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob, I suppose I’d better bring some money then :wink:


For you to fetch for me;

3 x oil filters
3 x oil drain plug washers
1 x battery tie bar
2 x thermostats
1 x oil cooler bypass valve
2 x turbo outlet nuts
2 x rocker cover gaskets
6 x spark plug hole seals
1 x plenum gasket
1 x throttle body gasket
6 x stock NGK platinum sparkplugs (dependant on price!)

For you to collect from me

1 x EK2 downpipe
2 x exhaust gaskets
2 x 9b turbo cores
Money from Neil
Money from me