AGM Saturday 5th May 2018


So times running out if you want to use the last couple of rooms,



I will also pay the beer tour next weekend so that will be the final numbers



What date is this closing @3000gt or is it closed now?



I plan to pay for the hotel rooms booked and tour tickets tomorrow during the day so tonight is your last chance



Just a reminder those staying over, the hotel booking does not include breakfast, the reason being most of us will be shooting off early to Japfest.

If however you aren’t, or are coming in a non Jap car for 10am Japfest entry and want breakfast at the hotel, you can pay for it on the day or when you check in.



Thanks for info :blush:
so just me in none jap car then lol


I will also be in a non jap car Alex :smirk:

Terry :sunglasses:


Do you want to borrow my bait bus @just_cool… sorry Elgrand that’s Jap :astonished:


OK peeps.

For ‘optional’ food arrangements we have pre-booked some tables at the Britannia Chef & Brewer which is a 5 minute walk from the hotel, a little change from Pizza Hut this year, although that was always enjoyable.

Plenty of choice and the food comes recommended.

Website HERE check out the Menu.

They are booked for 6.45pm sharp, so those who need to go to the hotel to check in after the Brewery Tour please bear this in mind and leave yourself enough time.

Following which we can wander back to the hotel, have a natter and relax ready for a big day at Japfest on Sunday.

Looking forward to the day/weekend and seeing you all there, this event is when the GTOUK Calendar properly kicks off for me.

Tracie :hugs:


Sorry for late response. I’ve booked myself into the hotel - not as good a rate as the GTOUK rate though.
Didn’t spot it was Japfest the next day, although I might be off to Madrid on Sunday, so I probably can’t make that. Have booked breakfast in the hotel. I think @3000gt has booked me on the Beer tour, but let me know if I need to do something. Work has been silly busy this year so not been on the forum enough.


Brewery Tours & Hotel Bookings

Steve (2) + Hotel
Perky (2) + Hotel
James (1) + Hotel
Markie (1)
Jerry (1) + Hotel
Alec (1) + Hotel
Kevin (2)
Colin (1) + Hotel
Mike (1)
Lukas (1) + Hotel
Simon (1) + Hotel
Dan (1)
Scott (1)
Terry (1) + Hotel
Leachy (1) + Hotel
Chris Dunnett (1) + Hotel
Dan (1) + Hotel
Cyril (2)
Stephen (1) (SKL - GTOUK Forum Host)

The tour will be done in 2 groups.

As food is booked for 6.45pm prompt the best idea is, if those stopping over who still need to check in the hotel after the tour make sure they go on the first ‘sitting’ of the tour so you can head off to the hotel in plenty of time.



Have a good time guys, sorry i cant make it this yr :frowning: I’ll be in Poland.



Sorry to here that @Paulw you’ve both been regulars over the years, but hope you both have a great time in Poland.



OK, not long now :grin:

When you arrive at the Brewery, you need to go to the Malt Room on the 2nd Floor, this is where we are holding the meeting.

Please note - as we have the Brewery Tours pre booked at a scheduled time after the meeting, it is very important this year that the AGM starts on time.

Kick off is it 1pm sharp, so please be seated by then, teas and coffee will be available, but if you want bar drinks please allow yourself enough time beforehand.

A reminder of the address :- Towcester Mill Brewery, Chantry Lane, Towcester NN12 6YY.

Looking forward to it, have a safe journey and see you all there.



This goes without saying but have a great afternoon folks , really good turnout and something completely different again :+1:

Hope the weather stays kind for the Saturday and the show on the Sunday , hopefully those hangovers aren’t too bad :sunglasses:


Thanks Craig won’t be the same without you after all these years but have a great holiday :kissing_heart:



The Hulk packed and ready to roll.

Meeting our new Forum Host @skl on the M1 to escort him :wink: to his first GTOUK meet. Be gentle with him guys :joy: although he’s held his own pretty well so far :+1:

See you all there, can’t wait, we’ll be like kids on Christmas Eve tonight… “is it morning yet” :hugs:.

Safe journey all.



You will be sadly missed buddy :sob:


Get outa here :joy:


Have a Good time Guys I will too, off to Corfu for 2 weeks early in the morning :grin: