All paid up for 2018/19


It’s been a while but i’m back

Look forward to seeing my login getting upgraded to full access :wink:


Great to see you back Dave.



Welcome back Mukka



Welcome back👍 Should all be up and running now.



Cheers - I will be picking your brains on data logging setups as my pocketlogger software is playing up :wink:


I’m on a mission to get my car back to the standard it once was - So will need some advise/support/parts etc etc lol


Perky is your man Dave, just don’t ask him to calculate anything to do with event plot sizes :rofl:



Fk I’m hiding… treat this like the sun newspaper its all lies :rofl:
Tbh ive been contacted a few times about logging again so we may have to get Neil in on another group buy.



I would like a logger to please Dave when you get round to this again


Sent email to Neil HHH I’m sure he will do it again as a group buy if enough interest.

Cheers Dave


Good to see you back on line Dave, hope life is good, cheers mate.


Your questions on ■■■■■ about using the usb data transfer to reload a palm, I did manage that and there were instructions on here once @Dave_Naxton.
Your using the palm software I take it with MMC ?
Will try find it for you and tag you in it :+1:



Welcome back dave


Welcome back mate , it’s been a while :sunglasses:


All sorted now as managed to track down Mike Montalvo of digital tuning who sold me the pocketlogger back in 2004. He sent me some software links which got it sorted. I have also got MMCD working