Alloy Water Radiator, Fans and Mounting Bracket For Sale

I have for sale a Toyosport Over size Radiator which includes a fan mounting panel and two 12" Hi Flo fans packaged as a complete unit

I have made the fan mounting panel similar to that is seen on the Mishimoto Radiator Fan Panels… except mine has been made as near to standard as possible with the wiring all sorted to accept the Mitsubishi connectors and is painted black.

The retail for the Fan Panel alone is £239.00

This is a complete item and is ready to just drop in and off you go…

£180.00 delivered any where in the UK

I will post some proper pics of my unit tomorrow

Cheers Rob

Still for sale !!!

Price includes next day shipping by carrier…

Cheers Rob

Bump !!!

£170 quid any one???

if this is still avaliable in 2 weeks i shall have this from you mate

Ok Chris as long as you deffo want i will keep it for you…

Cheers Rob

yeah deffo mate - well will it fit a 1991 mk1 gto??? and will it need new pipework or does it run off the standards?


Yes it will fit a 1991 GTO TT and it will happily use the standard pipe work.

Cheers Rob

cheers mate then yes i will deffinatly have this off of you. ill give you a ring in a week and a half mate