Alternative to Eurospec

Hi guys,

I am the owner of a red 1996 GTO, I used to take the car to Eurospec to fix things and pass the MOT.
They had a CAT around to fit it temporarily to pass the MOT, when I bought the car the owner never mentioned he removed the CAT and the previous MOTs were clean as I think he had some friend in the MOT so he would pass them clean.
Now I have no idea where to pass the MOT and I am having trouble to find a place, I asked in some garages already: Plans performace, TMS Motorsport, AMT… and nobody seems to help or to perform this kind of work, so i am a bit lost and devastated, because I need to get this done sooner rather than later.
Does someone know where to take the car to get this done, or some other GTO specialist?

I would really appreciate help with this.

Many thanks.

What they were doing was in fact illegal and invalidates your MOT.
The result could be from any clued up police officer could have your car siezed by the police as No MOT means no insurance as well besides the massive fine and huge points haul on your license. Its just not worth it any longer

Where about’s in the UK are you as it will gives us a better idea on where you could get the car repaired to pass a MOT legally

I sell proper Hi Performance CAT’s for both the GTO and 3000GT Twin Turbos if you require one

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Hi Rob,

Yes, what the previous owner was doing was indeed illegal, but I didn’t realise until I had to pass my first MOT as owner,
When they checked the old records, the last 4 years were clean, but before he had the car there were some advisories, hence I deduced he had some friend in a dodgy MOT.
With regards to when I passed my Mot, everything was in order and was passed legally, but now I’d need someone who knows these cars and can get my car through the Mot.
I am between Camberley and Woking area, but I wouldn’t mind going somewhere farther as long as I can get this done and at a reasonable price.

Thanks for the help.

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Just buy a CAT and either fit it yourself or have a garage fit it - it’s literally a 4 bolt and 2 gasket job - by the sounds of what you’re asking the garages won’t touch it as fitting a cat just for the mot and then removing it again is illegal!
Best way to solve the issue is to fit one and leave it on mate

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Cat really needs to be there but if the car is a gto a clued up mot tester knows that a jdm car is a non cat test so emissions on a gto, (as opposed to a ukm 3000gt which will have to go through a full procedure and l am wondering if they were testing the car as a 3000gt in which case it is unlikely to pass ), are not a big issue.
My best friend is a mot tester and could do a 100 legit test and knows these cars, but he is in the North East so maybe a bit far. :scream::scream::scream:
So good luck and welcome to Gtouk, hope you get joined (20 quid) and you will get to know everything about your car but as said fitting a cat and getting emissions tested is not that big a deal, other mot failures can be harder to fix.


Westfields have an excellent reputation for working on our cars and always have about 10-15 cars there awaiting to be worked on. so sometimes there is a queue

They are also the best place for engine rebuilds too and have core blocks there to make the process quicker for customers

Westfield Motors ltd.
Unit 8
Westfield Close
Rawreth Industrial Estate

01268 783205


Jerry, Rob, Thank you very much guys, very insightful.
Hopefully will have the mot passed soon.