Aluminium Door Sills


**Blimey Craig :shock:

To get them on that quick and early you must have mugged the postman on the Post Office depot doorstep :rofl:

They do look sweet though. 8)



Mine have arrived :D, off to open the box and fit them now…

Thanks very much for all your efforts in getting these, it’s very much appreciated. We wouldn’t have them if it weren’t for you guys.


Nothing arrived today :frowning: were they all sent out at once??


Hi Peter

Track & Trace

We have tried to deliver your item from our SHEPHERDS BUSH Delivery Office before 12:34 on 29/07/09 and we have left a while you were out card.

Tracking number zw245253331gb



Erm simon I dont live in Shepherds bush, I live in uxbridge???


where does it say you live in Shepherds bush :oops: :lol:

It says they tried to deliver the parcel and have taken it back to the royal mail office at Shepherds bush and left a card for you

Your postcode is w12



No my postcode is UB8?? I live in uxbridge in middlesex? Looks like they were sent to an old address paypal supplied, grrr lol Will head to shepherds bush post office in the morning!!!


Many thanks Simon (and Mark) Tracked em down! Very good quality, well made stuff, what a fab club! Now ammended paypal :oops:
cheers Pete :oops:


Fitted mine this morning after picking them up from the postie yesterday. All I can say is they were well worth the wait (3 years in my case). Thank you so much for organising this, you are one of the reasons why this club is so successful.

Can’t thank you enough :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Got mine a couple of days ago , put them on the fitting and quality was spot on!
Long wait yes but got to say well worth it!

Cheers Simon and Mark i think got this together.

Anyone that didn’t go for them … you fools!!!



Mine arrived the other day too. :smiley:

Thank you guys for sorting this group buy. Lel was going nuts at the price, but she has totally changed her mind now she has seen them. They are truly stunning. 8)

So… Just got to sort my washer bottle out, get some tint on the windows. Get someone to look at my tracking that knows what they are actually looking at. Find a cheap set of front brake disks. Stop my short shift gear changer from pulling my centre consol out when I sellect reverse. Apply a new set of silver stripes to my front bumper. Buy a new set of car mats (you get what you pay for) and also find out where all me smoke is coming from. :? Oh… And some new front tyres soon. Then I can carry on with the home decor (apparently) :wink:

It’s a hard life :!:


In all sincerety, love the door sills. Thanks again for all of your time. I really couldn’t do that. What a great club. :praise:


Many thanks, Simon & Mark picked them up this morning from the post office & i am well pleased : :smiley: A good job well done. Once again thanks for all your hard work on this group buy. Best regards Bob.


Ditto. Mine, of course arrived and were on within 15 mins, but so many people said they got theirs and put pix up I couldn’t really be bothered.


What can I say? Gorgeous!



You only just got round to putting yours on Dee? You’re slacking matey :lol:


hi looking for a set for my 3000gt have you any left bud

regards richard crago new member


[quote]hi looking for a set for my 3000gt have you any left bud

regards richard crago new member[/quote]

Only GTO ones


Dell did have a gt set going don’t know if he still has them or not.


I have not seen mine yet, they must be at Sumiyaka :slight_smile: They do look smart guys.


GTO please!!! Hi there and not sure if you have purchased the sills but I will have a set please = GTO