Aluminium Door Sills

This is the last ever opportunity to buy a set of these sills. They are stainless steel and were commissioned by the Colt car company for the last ever 3000GT’s. Unfortunately the production run finished when the car was taken out of manufacture.
Simon and myself managed to secure the rights to have these manufactured, hence we had them made before. is the post with the information.
The deal is the same as before, they are £120 plus £10 shipping costs.
The buying process will be the same too. Please add your names below if you want a set but please only do so if you are genuinely going to buy them.
These can be made for the GTO or 3000GT but will probably only have about 5 sets made for the GT & 20 for the GTO, that can be changed by demand though.
If we attain the minimum order quantity of 25 sills we will go ahead with the order.
To do this we will expect payment in advance as before, either by cheque to me or by paypal. I don’t know what the paypal charges are on £130 but will update that later.
If there is not enough interest generated, all payments will be refunded.
I must add that this is not a deal via Sumiyaka so please don’t call me at work as i can not accept payment for these items there.
I will a add paypal address if there is enough interest.

Paypal charges are £4.78 so that’s £134.78

Mark. :slight_smile:

Minimum orders required 25

1 audiofreek 3000GT PAID
2 Allenpc 3000GT PAID
3 Bob Jeary 3000GT PAID Cheque
4 thypon066 3000GT PAID
5 Paulw 3000GT PAID
6 paullloyd 3000GT PAID
7 Dejay 3000GT PAID
8 ivorgto 3000GT PAID

9 Bustnuts GTO PAID
10 Bustnuts GTO PAID
11 boo GTO PAID
12 technomob GTO PAID
13 pogo GTO PAID Cheque
15 Tellyboy GTO PAID
18 martin hyde GTO PAID
19 gavin.naish GTO PAID Cheque
20 daza GTO
21 Smudge GTO PAID
25 pugnacious GTO GTO PAID
26 Ray Boreham GTO PAID Cheque
27 Shaungto GTO PAID
28 Paul Jarvis GTO PAID

This is what they look like. They are a direct fit over the top of the standard plastic door sills…

Mark. :slight_smile:

Ill have a set of these if it goes ahead Mark, put me down for a set of 3000GT ones mate ta Pete

EDIT: Just discovered that the ones I already have are exactly the same as these - Doh! The ones I have are perfect - had 'em for 4 years now and they still look as good as the day I put them on… They certainly add that extra “Wow” factor when you open the doors!

This was started before? I put my name down but nothing happened.

But this time it appears we have renewed enthusiasm. 1 set of 3000GT please.

These i have been waiting for. Please put me down for a set of 3000 GT Please Mark. Thanks Bob.

Ian, that’s because there was not enough people to justify going ahead with the purchase. As stated above, if there are enough people we will buy them, if not it will not happen. We can not afford to buy them in the quantity required for a production run just to have them sat in the loft.
This is the last time this will ever be offered.

Mark. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a set of GTO ones please.


Please put me down x the 3000gt :slight_smile:


i will have a set of 3000 gt ones please!!


i’ll have a set of GTO ones please,


Seeing as this is the very last chance for this to get off the ground (I’ve been waiting since 2006!), I am gonna go out on a limb and say that IF we start to struggle for numbers I am happy to buy 2 sets, and store/sell one set in the future for when another owner comes along. Anyone else willing to do the same? It’s too early to say that it’ll be needed but I really really don’t want to miss out on this again.

Oh and I think paypal charge 3.4% plus 20p - so that’s £134.62 - seems low, is that right?

Paypal charge is £4.78


I will also pledge to a set of GTO sills please


gto set for me please mark and i will do the same as allen

Put me down for a GTO set please.



‘Tries again then…’

GTO please

I had better have a set for my new red one…

GTO set please 8)

Cheers Rob

:smiley: I missed out on these the last time around and I think the new GT could do with a bit more shine :slight_smile:

1x set of 3000GT please :slight_smile: