Amber Indicators and Rear ECS Struts

As per the description. Any interest in these? Will also have the front struts available once I get to swapping them for the new coilovers.

I am having a small clear out of parts, so i will be adding more to this topic as I go.

Please note i am based in Inverness so bear in mind for shipping/postage/collection (!) etc


How much for the indicators posted to UK?


Just a point- on your rear ECS shocks the bush is missing the inner metal tube - I suspect this got stuck on your trailing arm. If anyone buys them they will need this piece and either bond it back to the rubber or make a new bush.


Hi James,

Thanks for pointing that out, i hadn’t spotted that!

I take it thats a common mistake to make.


Not really sure what they are worth to be honest?
Ill also check postage rates.


Yeah the metal sleeve gets rusted to the trailing arm and makes the whole thing very difficult to get off - lots of WD-40 patience and time to get them off in one piece.


Still available.

But i will add that further to James’ comments it would appear that the metal sleeves are MIA, probably between various moves and works at garages with bushes etc. So please bear in mind if interested.