An update from myself

A quick winter update from sunny Scotland, since getting her in july shes taken a hell of alot of work and should hopefully have her first MOT in 8 years in the next few weeks.

to correct my last post shes a 99 3000gt uk spec (non import, whatever the official title is)

for context i bought her from a gent to just didn’t have the money to fix his pride and joy, in the packet of receipts vast service history there’s been a monumental amount of time and money spent, new oil and filters every 6 months new belts every 3 years, custom exhausts and new intakes, blow off valve ect. unfortunately over the past 6 months she needed (here’s a long one)

welding : whole o/s boot floor made from scratch and welded in
half of an o/s rear arch
both sill end plates in the rear arches
new drivers side inner sill
new drivers side rear footwell
new drivers footwell

parts : new HP fuel line
fuel return line
about 1m of new brake lines throughout different places
power steering lines both HP and return
new oil cooler lines
all new disks and pads with refurbished calipers
new sidelights

To do ( i think ) pretty sure she will need a timing belt after sitting so long, the belt only has 10k miles on it but im sure you guys would advise to change so ill be getting on that.

hope that wasn’t too bad a read haha, as for questions for the community, i have absolutely no idea of value, no plans on selling her soon, want to enjoy it and see if i can bring another back from the grave later, any idea of what shes worth, despite having to weld half a car back together.

and has anyone ever encountered a jammed electric sunroof, when i try and open it its almost as if its stuck on a seal, anyway to remove the rubber seals on an electric roof.

thanks for reading guys and gals any questions ask away


Re sunroof
Over time you get a small ridge of dirt around the inside edge of the roof.
Simple job of lifting sunroof once button pressed,and once clear of opening,use some all purpose cleaner, followed by a quick detailer,and then a rubber softner/revitaliser,and your good to go.

thanks fletch will give it a bash

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Car looks excellent. If you do the timing belt make sure you get a genuine mitsubishi water pump complete as well, tensioner etc. Good health to enjoy.

Cars looking really nice, and having a decent workshop is always good.

Blimey, and I thought I had taken on a project! Looking good.

looking good, love the wheels.

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