Another happy A-plan customer

Well, the year has flown and it seems the insurance is due again.

My car has been modified since last year - although not driven since all the mods (needs waterpump) so thought re-newal time was about the best time to declare everything…

Just had the reminder through, and as seems the way of everything now days, its gone up :frowning:

ok, about £10!

So I called them to declare everything that i have been doing with the car (all in the garage) mainly:

Hot wire + Supra Pump
Automotive FPR
EVO 560cc Injectors
EK2 Downpipe
EK2 Injector rails
EK2 Jumper pipe
DNP Stainless Y-pipe
DSM Intercoolers
Battery + Relocation
AEM Wideband gauge
SPA Fuel pressure / Water temp gauge
Magnacor Leads
Large K&N for MAFless operation
Adjustable cam wheels

Had to contact the underwriter - added £30 to the premium!

Apparently the fact i have full no claims, have had ‘performance’ cars shows the underwriter that im a good risk

Well im cuffed :slight_smile: