Another oldie returns!


After a few years away with the car in storage I’m attempting to get it back on the road! Scary MOT time next week and see if the emissions can be sorted now I have been shown how to tweak the safc II.

Amazed after five years, the car fired straight up and everything worked!
Video at the url below. Good to be back :smiley:

Hey dude welcome back!!
Saw you post this up in FB the other day! Funnily we have had a few “oldies” come back recently :slight_smile:
Good to get you at some meets!

Hi leo welcome back to the fold 8)

Craig :slight_smile:

Hello! Guess we have been hibernating :D. Couldn’t bring myself to sell the car back in the day, but can no longer have it just sat in storage, so it was sell it or get it back on the road. Hoping with all the great people here, who helped so much before getting the car sorted (including changing the engine when I first got it), that it can be road bound again in the near future.
Be great to come to some meetings again!

Just ask away Leo we will do our best , you know the rules there is no such thing as a stupid question just stupid answers :lol:

Craig :slight_smile:


Good to see you back !!

If you need any help you know how to get hold of me

Cheers Rob

Welcome back, your car looks nice bet it was good to back in it. :slight_smile:


Cheers Craig, although I’m sure I can bring the quality of questions to a new low in the IQ stakes :smiley:

Hey Rob, great to see you! Hope all is good with you. I reckon the only reason the car is working so well after all these years is all those fine parts from you!

Just got to sort the dreaded mot emissions and all will be well…I hope.

Yeah Neil, was strange seeing it after all those years…then it starting and driving as if it had been used the day before…apart from all the guest spiders all over, it felt great! :slight_smile:

My car got put away for seven months and that felt long enough.


My other 99 has not been driven since 2002 !!!

SORN for 12 years is now taking the Mickey…

Honda get your but in gear…lol

Welcome to the club,
Nice car, liking those doors.