Another “ what’s it worth” but not a Car!

I’ve had this for ages and never going to use it. It’s very light, the guy I bought it from said most people fill the hollows with something to add weight ? Has anyone any idea on the value as it was so long ago, I’ve forgotten!

If it’s those replica ones that used to sell on eBay they are quite flimsy and I recall a previous member had to do quite a bit of work to strengthen it. I guess you could ask for around £150 but I really don’t know.

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Hi, thanks for that. I haven’t fitted on to the Car but I would have guessed when it’s all bolted down it’s ok. I can not remember what the seller suggested to fill it with…sand?

150 they were new from ebay.i bought mine second hand about 5/6years ago I paid 100 collected.mine been filled with expansion foam its sturdy enough.
Hasn’t fallen off as yet! so id say between 80 and 120 depending on what the customer is willing to pay.

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Thanks…”every little helps” would make a change to have money coming in from a GTO as we all know, it’s ALWAYS the other way round!