Any body interested in go karting with 300zx club? just £10

10 pounds if your not staying the night. money goes to charity.

theres 2 of us from this club going and quite a few from the 300zx and japgirls club. partners more than welcome.

any questions PM me. :lol:

Any more details as cant access it.

regards Angel

Japsgirls club too, were’s Stevie when you need him. :bandance:

lol, theres 3 of us from the club now,angel that link should work.

Dell might be interested i’ll run it by him.


Hmmm, interesting, this looks like a breakaway JAE as it was the Z-club that started JAE originally all those years back at Billing. I did hear that they were doing their own thing now.

I’ll have to check my diary as it’ll give me a chance to oggle at some 350Z’s, which are quite taking my fancy right now… :slight_smile:

so what is this a show or a gocart day out or what slightly convused witch isnt hard to do :s

i cant find out how much the karting is do you know…