Any help or advice appreciated

Good evening all, i’m contemplating buying a gto, but wanted to ask if anyone could offer some pointers on what to look out for/avoid.
I’ve never had any experience with them, but loved the look and sound since they were released. I felt it best to ask owners what they are like to live with rather than the somewhat one-sided reviews elswhere on the web!
Thanks in advance!

Hi James Welcome to GTOUK You are in the Right Place lots of Knowledge and info here. First check these
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Couple of important things , Rust on side sills and rear end , timing belt kit when it was replaced , regular servicing documents , not heavy mods , also check DVLA MOT history. Before buying take someone who knows these cars with You to see and hear it if possible.
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Put simply what he said :grinning:
Only addition I have is look at a few of them and don’t get caught by a seller pushing a sale there will always be another one.

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Hi welcome to GTOUK,
Rust is a must… walk away… believe me I know and getting this sorted can be expensive.
Boot area, front floors and rear arches inside that you can’t see unless you get right under car. Take a screwdriver with you and ask to remove the tool storage buckets under the carpet in boot, check there and towards the rear panel that covers lights at back.
Other than that as said buyers guide.