Any one know where I can get immobiliser duplicated and how much do they cost

Hi, is there a make or brand on your immobiliser?
I would imagine you’d have to contact the manufacturer , but I’d imagine it would be cheaper to replace the unit completely, they come with 2 fobs and they’re not expensive.
Are you just looking for a spare as a backup?
You could identify which circuits are immobilised and where , then if you did loose the fob or it failed, you could bypass it fairly quickly.

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Hi unfortunately there no name or brand on the immobiliser its self , and yeah just kinda want it for a backup incase I loose it ,knowing my luck I would end up doing

Hi, if your comfortable with electrics you could easily set up a bypass circuit for yourself that only you know about, something easily accessible if needed.

true never really thought of that thanks :slight_smile: